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heritage bushland property to be bulldozed for Peninsula freeway

Joyce and Simon Welsh, owners of the historic Westerfield property on Robinsons Road in the Green Wedge south of Frankston have been notified that clearing will begin on Monday 5 July on the 2.656 ha of their pristine remnant bushland property to be bulldozed to make way for the Peninsula Link Freeway.

In response a community picket has been established.

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Historic win - Millewa forest safe

19th May 2010

In a press conference at 1pm today NSW Premier Kristina Keneally announced a stunning outcome for the red gum forests of the Riverina.

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Save Our Bush rally in Melbourne

Please join the rally to help stop the wanton destruction of our nature reserves and cultural heritage for freeways across Melbourne!

The Pines Flora & Fauna Reserve and historic Westerfield are next in line for bulldozing.

Wednesday June 2 

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Glen Wills logging

Out beyond the Bogong High Plains, and about a 45 minute drive north of Omeo is the lovely valley of Glen Wills. This small community is increasingly gaining a reputation as a place where low impact eco tourism provides a reliable income for locals. From ski touring and walking on the High Plains to rafting on the Mitta Mitta and a range of other activities, Glen Valley is a real oasis.

We are currently working with some local land owners and tourism operators to get a number of logging coupes removed from the cutting schedule. This is partly because there will be considerable visual impacts along a section of the Alpine Walking Track (the major trail that goes from Walhalla to Canberra) and also because there are plans to harvest directly above the water supply of the Glen Wills Mountain Retreat.

Please check here for details on a letter you can send to the Minister for Climate Change and Environment, Gavin Jennings.

Many thanks.

Groups unite to condemn red gum back down

Seven environment groups from across two states condemned today’s decision by the NSW Government to back down on the protection of River Red Gum wetlands.

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Lets get Reflex out of our native forests

On saturday February 27 we launched our new consumer awreness campaign at the Maryvale pulp mill. Victoria has some of the most magnificent and biodiverse forests in the world. But the majority of trees logged in Victoria's water catchments in the Central Highlands end up at the Mill to be woodchipped for paper products. Check here for details.

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"Save our Bush" Rally

The Rally aims to draw public attention to the destruction of our native bushland by the State Government's "growth-at-any-cost" policy of building freeways -- instead of promoting alternative modes of transport. Melbourne, Feb 24 at midday.

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Coomoora Woodland Flora and Fauna Reserve at serious risk - please take action

Coomoora Woodland Flora and Fauna Reserve is in serious peril as the Minister for Planning, Justin Madden, has just decided that no Environmental Effects Statement is required before VicRoads bulldozes the nature reserve for the Dingley Bypass! Draft letter available here for easy action.

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Take Action - Red Gum Parks in Jeopardy!

The decision to protect NSW River Red Gums is in jeopardy! Just days after the announcement of National Park protection for the globally significant Millewa Forest and other key areas, new Premier Kristina Keneally is being lobbied by the logging industry and conservative elements of her own party to reverse the decision. We need your help today...

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A big day out in the Frankston - Langwarrin habitat corridor

On Sunday 29th of November community and conservation groups from all over the the Mornington Peninsula will gather in the Frankston-Langwarrin habitat corridor to explore and learn about the bush and discuss how best to protect the Peninsula's flora and fauna.

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