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Great Forest National Park - A playground for Melbourne

logo-great-forest-np.pngFriends of the Earth has joined more than 30 environment, conservation, recreation, scientific and citizen science groups to call on all political parties and candidates in the lead-up to the November 2014 Victorian election to clearly commit to the creation of a new Great Forest National Park in the Central Highlands.

Just 60 kilometres east of Melbourne grow some of the tallest trees on Earth. Their high canopies are home to wildlife such as gliders, owls and the tiny Leadbeater’s Possum.

The Great Forest National Park is an idea whose time has come.

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Big Hill mine knocked back, Stockman mine approved

981101BigHillLogo.jpgThe Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy has today recommended that one massive mine be knocked back while supporting another.

Friends of the Earth welcomes the Minister’s recommendation not to approve the Stawell open cut mine.


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Victoria pulls out of national park logging trial – NSW should follow

Barmah1.jpgMedia Release, 23rd October, 2014

Friends of the Earth can announce today that the Victorian Government has withdrawn from a controversial logging trial planned for the Barmah National Park, part of the world’s largest red gum forest.

The joint Victoria-NSW logging trial would have seen commercial logging machinery felling trees across 400 hectares of national park on both sides of the Murray River.

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Keep the loggers out of our Red Gum Parks

barmah-socialmedia_graphic.jpgWhat does ‘Ecological Thinning’ mean for your National Parks?

The NSW State governments plan to run a trial of “ecological thinning” inside the Murray Valley National Park. The trial will use logging machinery to test weather cutting out trees from these River Red Gum forests will improve the health of the ecosystem. The project will have a range of impacts on this landscape of international significance.

Approval has just been given by Environment Minister Greg Hunt for the NSW Government to go ahead with the trial.

Friends of the Earth is asking for your help to keep logging out of our iconic River Red Gum forests and to safeguard the natural environments we all love.


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National Park logging call is risky, unproven and unpopular

Barmah_forest.jpgEnvironment group Friends of the Earth has condemned a call by NSW logging interests to open iconic River Red Gum national parks for commercial timber harvesting.

The NSW Forest Industries Taskforce and a local Red Gum Taskforce have both, this week, claimed that logging will benefit the local environment and reduce fire risk.

Friends of the Earth led a campaign to have the world’s largest remaining River Red Gum forests protected on both sides of the Murray River in 2010 and has condemned the call as misleading.

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National Parks need funding, not logging

redgum_forest.jpgNational Parks should be safe from logging right?

Well, not if Coalition governments in NSW and Victoria have their way.

The Barmah - Millewa Red Gum national park is under threat from a 'scientific logging' experiment.

Please sign our petition here.

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Environmentalists support the Latrobe Valley call to re-assess new coal mining and create a ‘Health Conservation area’

Keith_Pakenham_CFA_Hazelwood_fire.jpgMedia release. July 30, 2014. Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth (FoE) has supported the call from Latrobe Valley community organisation Voices of the Valley for the full rehabilitation of non-operational mine faces in the Hazelwood mine and the assessment of future industrial developments for their potential health impacts before they are approved.

“Voices of the Valley’s call for the reassessment of the 13 billion tonnes of coal that has been earmarked for allocation is a significant move” said Friends of the Earth campaigns co-ordinator Cam Walker.

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Native wildlife - doing it tough in the heatwave

Sugarglider - Silvi GlattauerNative wildlife are doing it tough in the hot weather – but a few minutes of your time can make a little difference, no matter where you live, simply by putting out fresh drinking water, says Monique Decortis, Wildlife Rehabilitator and Educator on Wildlife issues.

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Fire & the Story of Burning Country

A new book by Peter McConchie.

The catalyst for this book was the devastating Victorian bushfires of Black Saturday February 2009. The author, Peter McConchie was contacted soon after by Cape York Elders firstly to express their sadness about the tragic loss of life and to extend an invitation to come with them and record the story of traditional land management with fire. 

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National Park logging canned - now to stop 'ecological thinning'

The New South Wales Government has rejected the recommendations of an Upper House enquiry that called for logging in National Parks.

However, their response leaves the door open for 'scientific' trials that could still see commercial logging crews sent back into sensitive protected areas.

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