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Pages tagged "Forests"

Support Wadi Wadi Traditional Owners to manage Nyah-Vinifera Park

Wadi Wadi people have been trying to regain ownership and management of the Nyah-Vinifera forest since colonisation. They were promised co-management by the Victorian Labor State Government five years ago and are still waiting for an outcome. 

Show your support for Wadi Wadi by demanding the State Government commit to handing back the Nyah-Vinifera Park's management to its Traditional Owners. 


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Red Gum National Park Cattle Ban Welcome

Friends of the Earth Melbourne has congratulated the Andrews Labor Government for putting forward legislation to ban grazing in the Alpine and River Red Gum national parks.

 Barmah Forest

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Hands off the Tasmanian World Heritage Area

FoE_Tas_WHA_info_night_March_2015.jpgFoE Info night.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government are planning to allow logging, private accommodation and up to 16 aircraft landing sites in the iconic Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

The natural and cultural values of this incredible landscape are under threat.

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Shocking footage shows koalas caught in logging

Friends of the Earth has been alarmed by new footage showing that koalas are still be impacted on by plantation logging in South West Victoria. 

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Forestry Council Chair must reject national park logging

Friends of the Earth has urged Federal Forest Industry Advisory Council Chair Rob de Fegely to reject calls for logging in national parks, as he tours red gum forests in the NSW Riverina this week.


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Victorian state election 2014

Parliament-of-Victoria-Melbourne-.jpgThe Victorian election will be held on November 29, 2014.

While the main Parties look set to run a ‘bread and butter’ election – focusing on issues like education, health, infrastructure and the economy, there is also a pressing need to make environmental concerns an issue at this election.

FoE is not aligned with any political party. Its mission is to gain protection for the natural environment, and elections present a great opportunity to promote a policy agenda which will help gain these protections.

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Great Forest National Park - A playground for Melbourne

logo-great-forest-np.pngFriends of the Earth has joined more than 30 environment, conservation, recreation, scientific and citizen science groups to call on all political parties and candidates in the lead-up to the November 2014 Victorian election to clearly commit to the creation of a new Great Forest National Park in the Central Highlands.

Just 60 kilometres east of Melbourne grow some of the tallest trees on Earth. Their high canopies are home to wildlife such as gliders, owls and the tiny Leadbeater’s Possum.

The Great Forest National Park is an idea whose time has come.

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Big Hill mine knocked back, Stockman mine approved

981101BigHillLogo.jpgThe Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy has today recommended that one massive mine be knocked back while supporting another.

Friends of the Earth welcomes the Minister’s recommendation not to approve the Stawell open cut mine.


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Victoria pulls out of national park logging trial – NSW should follow

Barmah1.jpgMedia Release, 23rd October, 2014

Friends of the Earth can announce today that the Victorian Government has withdrawn from a controversial logging trial planned for the Barmah National Park, part of the world’s largest red gum forest.

The joint Victoria-NSW logging trial would have seen commercial logging machinery felling trees across 400 hectares of national park on both sides of the Murray River.

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Keep the loggers out of our Red Gum Parks

barmah-socialmedia_graphic.jpgWhat does ‘Ecological Thinning’ mean for your National Parks?

The NSW State governments plan to run a trial of “ecological thinning” inside the Murray Valley National Park. The trial will use logging machinery to test weather cutting out trees from these River Red Gum forests will improve the health of the ecosystem. The project will have a range of impacts on this landscape of international significance.

Approval has just been given by Environment Minister Greg Hunt for the NSW Government to go ahead with the trial.

Friends of the Earth is asking for your help to keep logging out of our iconic River Red Gum forests and to safeguard the natural environments we all love.


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