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Koala Citizen Scientists are No Longer Strangers

Who would have thought you could find fifteen people prepared to rise early on a wintery Sunday morning, travel far from home and scratch around the wet undergrowth of a little-known forest in South Gippsland to search for koala poo? Members of the SKAT collective were pleasantly surprised with everyone's commitment to learn how to survey one of the last intact forests for the Strzelecki koala.

Some of the enthusiastic folk keen to learn how to survey for koala presence.

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After the Logging (2021)

Alberton West Forest Celebrate 'End of Year Picnic' as they Battle Vicforests

In early July this year, Alberton West residents notified FoEM that their remnant bushland home to many threatened species was to be logged by Vicforests. Alberton West forest is home to the genetically significant and threatened Strzelecki Koala, as well as the Powerful Owl, Greater Gliders and the Lace Monitor, and that’s just to name a few. Listen and watch local Aboriginal elder Alan Coe share his perspective on the interruptions to the forest ecology.

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