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Pages tagged "Farmlands"

Lead levels in Ballarat Drinking Water Alarming

Friends of the Earth (FoE) today expressed alarm at the high levels of lead recorded in Ballarat and district drinking water. FoE conducted a Freedom of Information request with Central Highlands Water earlier in the year after first becoming aware of the issue.

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Yarra Ranges Shire grants approval for Eastern Golf Club

Friends of the Earth is extremely disappointed that Yarra Ranges Shire, gave approval at Council's meeting on Tuesday June 22, for the construction of the Eastern Golf Club at Yering.

The new course is to be built on the Yarra River floodplain, only one kilometre upstream from Melbourne's drinking water supply.

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Friends of the Earth releases report on water quality issues for Ballarat, Bendigo and Benalla

Friends of the Earth have released a report regarding water quality issues in Ballarat, Bendigo and Benalla.

Key findings of the report show that Ballarat had several times the breaches of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) that were recorded for Bendigo and Benalla combined.

There are public forums in Ballarat (Tuesday May 25) & Bendigo (Thurs May 27).

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golf course to be built in very close proximity to Melbourne drinking water supply offtake

Friends of the Earth today expressed concern regarding the proposed Eastern Golf Club relocation to Yering. Eastern Golf Club at Doncaster is currently up for sale in Australia's largest golf course sale. The sale of the Doncaster course is expected to raise $110 million.

Please write a letter today outlining your concern.

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Rally Against Monsanto - GM Free Breakfast

In solidarity with majority world farmers who are fighting for  sovereignty against multinational control of their land and patented seed  monopoly, we will rally outside the Hilton hotel on Thursday 18th February at 7 am to say “No! Monsanto !”

Join Friends of the Earth and other groups as we defend the rights of farmers and make our voices heard.

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