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Communities must have the right to veto mining

Ute_sign_East_Gippsland_2014.pngFriends of the Earth media release. February 25, 2015.

The Victorian National Party has announced that it supports farmers having the right to veto gas drilling operations on their land.

“We are heartened to see the Nationals strengthen their position on the issue of unconventional gas” said Friends of the Earth campaigns co-ordinator Cam Walker. “However, because of the invasive nature of gas drilling and fracking, and the potential for contamination of ground water supplies, drilling is not just an issue for individual farmers. A drill on a property can have serious impacts on neighbours.”


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Roundup: miracle weedkiller or cause of disease?

veg_3-58.jpgDirect from the USA - Dr Don Huber, Plant Pathologist, Purdue University, Indiana

Dr Huber is an award-winning, world-renowned scientist. His opposition to genetically manipulated (GM) crops and glyphosate-based Roundup weedkiller results from 35 years of acclaimed research. He will explain how Roundup causes disease, reduces nutrient density in food, leaves residues that kill beneficial soil and gut bacteria and degrades the soil. GM crop safety has not been established.

Roundup is sprayed in home gardens and, by local authorities and contractors, on playgrounds, roadsides, parks, schools and childcare centres to manage weeds. Herbicide tolerant GM crops are drenched with Roundup– the weeds die, the plants survive. We eat the food made from these contaminated GM crops. Conventional farmers also use Roundup extensively. There are many safe alternatives to this toxic chemical.

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Friends of the Earth Calls for Urgent Restrictions on Herbicide Frequently Detected in Melbourne Waterways

Castlemaine.jpgEnvironmental organisation Friends of the Earth today called for urgent changes to way the herbicide Simazine is registered for use in the Melbourne region.

Simazine has been widely detected in waterways throughout the Melbourne region over the past few years. Levels as low as 0.1 parts per billion can impact on aquatic life.

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Big Hill mine knocked back, Stockman mine approved

981101BigHillLogo.jpgThe Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy has today recommended that one massive mine be knocked back while supporting another.

Friends of the Earth welcomes the Minister’s recommendation not to approve the Stawell open cut mine.


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Farmland Not Gaslands

farmland_not_gasland.jpgFarmland Not Gaslands is an empowering, short documentary that looks at the growing community movement against invasive unconventional gas projects planned for Gippsland and Western Victoria.

The inspiring stories of these rural communities and what they must fight to protect. The brave, united stance being taken by communities across the state as people from all walks of life stand together to fight to protect our water, our food security, farmland, human health and the environment.

It will be launched in Melbourne on Thursday Sept 11 and in Sale on Saturday September 13.

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Farmers pledge to blockade gas drilling operations

riders.jpgPLEASE NOTE that today's planned ride has been cancelled as a result of yesterday's announcement by the government.

On thursday May 29, community members from Seaspray in Gippsland will ride horses up Bourke Street to Parliament to announce their intention to blockade oil and gas drilling.

Please show your support by greeting them at Parliament at 1pm.

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Seaspray, the story so far

LtG_Seaspray_Feb_2014.JPGResidents of Seaspray are nervously awaiting a decision by the Minister for Resources and Energy, Russell Northe. Mr Northe needs to decide whether to approve an application from Lakes Oil to carry out horizontal drilling.

The community steadfastly opposes the proposal, and is currently preparing for the likelihood of having to carry out peaceful direct action in coming weeks.

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A warning from Wyoming

John Fenton is a charismatic farmer from Pavillion Wyoming who has been living with pollution of ground water and air pollution, land use and other effects of the gas industry. John featured in the Gasland film.

He will be visiting Victoria in early March, with two public events, in Melbourne (March 6) and Gippsland (March 7).

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Fire & the Story of Burning Country

A new book by Peter McConchie.

The catalyst for this book was the devastating Victorian bushfires of Black Saturday February 2009. The author, Peter McConchie was contacted soon after by Cape York Elders firstly to express their sadness about the tragic loss of life and to extend an invitation to come with them and record the story of traditional land management with fire. 

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what's happening with Gas exploration in western Victoria?

While concerns about coal seam gas (CSG) drives a lot of debate about unconventional gas operations, Tight Gas will come into stronger focus if the current moratorium on the process of fracking is lifted.

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