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Your chance to call for ambitious climate targets in Victoria.

Last year was the world's hottest year on record - even without an El Nino boost. And seven of Australia's ten warmest years have occurred since 2005 [1]. We need to act quickly to limit our greenhouse emissions and reduce the disastrous effects of climate change.  

And this year we have an opportunity to do just that.  Victoria will set its first legally binding, Emission Reduction Target (ERT). Victoria will set six interim targets between now and reaching the final target of 0% by 2050, and this is the first legally binding one [see Table 1].

Ambitious targets are essential in driving the transition away from coal to renewable energy.  Thanks to the Climate Change Act 2017 each target has to be more ambitious than the last to ensure a downward trend to the final target of 0% by 2050. This means this first target is really important. The more ambitious it is, the more ambitious each target that follows will have to be.

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Friends of the Earth "disappointed" with major delay to Victoria's climate targets

MEDIA RELEASE: 29 March 2018

Friends of the Earth "disappointed" with major delay to Victoria's climate targets

National environment group Friends of the Earth have expressed disappointment regarding a major delay to state climate change policy. 

The process for setting Victoria's first interim Emissions Reduction Targets has been delayed by almost a year.  

"The Andrews government promised to set the state's first Emissions Reduction Targets this year, but that process has been delayed by almost a year," said Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth's climate change spokesperson. 

"With alarming melting of the polar icecaps and autumn bushfires, the Andrews government doesn't have time to waste on climate change."

"Victorians who are concerned about climate change will be disappointed by the delay and will look to Premier Daniel Andrews to ensure climate change is a feature of the May budget."

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Big batteries in Ballarat, Kerang to help Vic meet climate & energy goals: Will the opposition back smart energy investments?

MEDIA RELEASE: 22 March 2018

Big batteries in Ballarat, Kerang to help Vic meet climate & energy goals: Will the opposition back smart energy investments? 

Victoria has entered the energy storage race with an announcement that the Andrews government will build large-scale batteries in Ballarat and Kerang. But will the Matthew Guy opposition back smart energy investments? 

Friends of the Earth welcomes the announcement and says big batteries in Ballarat and Kerang will help Victoria meet climate and energy targets. 

"The Turnbull government's do-nothing approach to climate change means we need to see more leadership from Victoria, and that's what we're seeing with this announcement from the Andrews Labor government" said Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth's climate change spokesperson.

"Building batteries in Ballarat and Kerang will strengthen Victoria's energy system while helping the state meet legislated targets of 40 percent renewable energy by 2025 and zero emissions by 2050."

Energy policy is a point of difference between the Daniel Andrews government and Matthew Guy opposition as Victoria heads to a state election in eight months time.

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February 2018 Update

VIC_one_year_til_election_Nov_2017_(1).jpgNovember State Election – We’re Off and Running

In November 2018, Victorians will head to the polls. With community concern about climate change on the rise, it's an issue that all political parties must address in detail.

Our state is undergoing profound change as the population grows, entire industries go to the wall, and climate change starts to really impact on our landscapes, economy and lifestyles. Yet Melbourne continues to sprawl, as low density development covers valuable farmland and remnant vegetation, supported by transport infrastructure that will perpetuate our current reliance on cars.

An election provides all parties with the opportunity to demonstrate leadership on the interconnected issues of climate, energy, social justice, and the economy.

FoE has launched an ambitious election campaign, with policy in the realms of forests and biodiversity, transport and sustainability, and energy, climate and renewables.

We have huge plans for the year! We will be holding a major campaign launch on May 24. 

In the meantime, check our website for full details on our campaign and policy agenda.

You can take action and support our campaign by sending email to the political Party Leaders here.

If you can support our work with a donation, that would be fantastic.

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Review of Climate Change Act an opportunity for Victoria to lead on climate action

Port_Fairy.jpgEnvironmental organisation Friends of the Earth has welcomed the release of the Independent Review of the Victorian Climate Change Act 2010.

Friends of the Earth campaigns coordinator Cam Walker says the review has uncovered big gaps in the existing Act.

“The independent review shows the Climate Act lacks the powers to drive emissions reductions in Victoria. And there’s no mechanism requiring ministers to consider the impacts of climate change on their portfolios,” said Cam Walker of Friends of the Earth.

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Friends of the Earth welcomes Andrews Govt. commitment to state renewables target and calls for energy ambition

IMG_5653.JPGFriends of the Earth has welcomed the Andrews government's commitment to a Victorian Renewable Energy Target, and has highlighted the need for ambition to attract investment and create jobs while tackling climate change. 

The Andrews government announced a Renewable Energy Target of no less than 20 per cent by 2020 while launching its Renewable Energy Roadmap in Portland today. It has committed to establish targets for 2020 and 2025 and it will seek the community's views on what they should be.

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Denis Napthine’s energy plan. More coal, less renewables

No_new_coal.jpgIn mid October, the Victorian Coalition government quietly released it's Energy Plan. There has been no environment policy released as such, which means we have to judge the government's intention on the documents that are in the public realm, and correspondence received from the Minister for the Environment and Climate Change.

The Energy Plan talks up renewable energy, yet there is very little incentive or direction on either renewables or energy efficiency. And it has raised the prospect of a coal export industry.

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Napthine govt energy statement a missed opportunity for Victoria

more_coal_less_renewables.jpgThe Victorian Coalition Government has today released its energy policy document, Victoria’s Energy Statement.

The plan has drawn criticism from renewable energy advocates at Friends of the Earth.

The government’s plan takes a “business as usual” approach that fails Victorians. The plan alludes to greater reliance on coal electricity generation, and continued allocation of public funds to find new uses for our dirty brown coal.

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