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new coal port facility on 90 Mile Beach?

Now, here’s a great spot for a coal port

“A $3 billion rail line and port concept connecting the Latrobe Valley to the Bass Straight via a port at McGauran's Beach has emerged as the preferred export route by developers of alternative brown coal technologies”.

What could go wrong?

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climate activists for mine workers

Yallourn Power Station workers have been in a dispute with the owners of the Yallourn station, and will be in Melbourne for a rally on friday August 16.

In an historic first, climate and environment activists will march in solidarity with the power workers.

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2013 – time to stop the onshore coal and gas industry in Victoria

In 2012, community concern about the threat of new coal and gas operations, especially coal seam gas (CSG), pushed the state government to ban the use of dangerous BTEX chemicals and place a moratorium on the process of fracking for gas.

The moratorium will finish shortly and the government has made it clear it wants to see renewed expansion of the fossil fuel industry.

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Rural and urban Alliance calls on State Government to ban new fossil fuel projects

An alliance of 59 groups has called on the Victorian government to ban all new on-shore coal and un-conventional gas operations until there has been a thorough investigation into the likely impacts of this industry.

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Climbers Camp Out: Day 2 at Yallourn Power Station

Two Quit Coal activists have camped out overnight after scaling a cooling tower at Yallourn Power Station in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley.

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Government walks away from coal closure promise

The Federal Energy Minister Martin Ferguson has announced that the Government is walking away from its promise to shut down some of our dirtiest, oldest coal power stations.

Hazelwood, long a target of campaigners in Victoria, was expected to be closed under the 'contracts for closure' process.

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HRL project loses federal funding

HRL wanted to build the first new coal fired power station in Victoria in almost 20 years.

Martin Ferguson, the Federal Minister for Energy and Resources, has announced that the government would be scrapping its $100 million grant to the company because it failed to meet the grant requirements.

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Quit Coal Collective

We use a range of tactics to let the broader Victorian community know about plans for new coal projects in Victoria, and pressure our government to stop investing in them. We focus on being strategic, creative, and as much as possible, fun!

We hold rallies and public forums, do outreach at festivals and community events, lobby politicians, and speak to the media. We also take peaceful direct action – from creative street theatre to office occupations, and many things in between.

We are a 100% volunteer run collective that is committed to non-violence. We are a rapidly growing, open and inclusive community group.

For further details, please visit our website.

Open cut coal mine for Mirboo North?

There is currently a proposal from Mantle Mining for an exploration permit to look for coal over the township of Mirboo North in Gippsland.

After an enormous turn out at the community meeting on Sunday 22 July, hundreds of objection letters were written by locals.

We have until August 6 to send in objections. Please check here for updates on the campaign and how to send an objection.

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New coal production nothing more than old policy

One of Victoria’s worst kept secrets over the past year has been the intention of the State Government to expand the state’s involvement in the coal industry.

A draft cabinet submission shows that the Baillieu government is preparing a campaign to promote further development of Victoria's brown coal reserves.

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