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Are you ready to move on climate?

move_on_climate.png2015 was the hottest year on record, and in February 2016, the world experienced weather that was 1.5°C above average temperatures for the first time. The Great Barrier Reef, tropical mangrove systems, and ancient Tasmanian forests are already being destroyed by global warming. Globally, the displacement of communities by climate change is already happening.

It is clear that the current warming of just one degree Celsius is not safe. Yet under current climate policies, globally we are heading to an overall warming of 3 – 4oC.

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Mantle Mining leaves town, as community opposition to new coal grows

Mantle_Mining.jpgLocals from Mirboo North and surrounds were ecstatic to hear that mining company Mantle Mining walked away from their coal mining licence renewals last week. Six brown coal mining exploration licences in South Gippsland and the Latrobe Valley were cancelled.

“Communities in these licence areas have been very vocal over the past 5 years about the impact new green fields coal mining would have on their region. The potential for water contamination, destruction of prime agricultural farmland and the human health impacts have weighed heavily on a lot of people. There was no social licence or need for new coal mining in this area and it’s fantastic that this area no longer has to fight these mining interests. Agriculture and tourism will also benefit from this certainty so it’s a win for everyone” said Friends of the Earth Community Campaigner Ursula Alquier.

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Show your support for frontline communities preparing for a life beyond coal.

Transition_Solidarity.jpgThis year, the impacts of climate change have been felt like never before - with extreme storms, widespread bleaching of the Reef and rising sea levels - and still our Government has no plan to act on climate change. We are lagging behind the rest of the world.

We need a national coal closure plan to get us off fossil fuels and on to clean energy. We need to provide communities and workers with the certainty they deserve to prepare for a future beyond coal. The Senate is inquiring into exactly this issue; we need to show them that Australians support government action to retire coal power stations and support impacted communities.

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Take action to support the Transition

It is expected that the majority owners of the Hazelwood power station will make an announcement about the future of the plant later this week. Reports in the media have suggested it could be closed as soon as April next year.


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Latrobe Valley Transition – how to thrive beyond coal?

June_2009_178.jpgLatrobe Valley, home to Victoria’s four coal-based power stations, is currently undergoing an economic transition.

In the Valley the coal industry has a turbulent history, with the industry’s privatisation in the 80’s and 90’s gutting the local economy, and the Hazelwood mine fire in 2014 causing deaths in the community from the toxic smoke. However the mines and power stations also provide crucial employment and income for the area.

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Have your say on Earth Resources Regulation’s Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

ER_review.pngThe Earth Resources Department of the Victorian government are currently reviewing their 'Stakeholder Engagement Strategy". The strategy outlines how they will improve engagement with us in relation to resources extraction projects, including coal, gas and minerals.

Their draft is now available for public comment, and we think this is a fantastic time to let them know where they have been falling short, and how you need them to improve.

Please check here for details on making a submission.


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Victorian government announces review of coal development programs

opencut.jpgNovember 18, 2015

National environment group Friends of the Earth has welcomed the news that the Victorian Government will carry out an independent review of previous government support of coal development programs.

It has been announced that one of the three Advanced Lignite Demonstration Program (or ALDP) projects supported by the previous Coalition government has been withdrawn, less than 12 months after funding was awarded. It had been unable to find a market for its product.

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Communities call for ban on all coal exploration in Victoria

No_new_coal_Oct_2015.pngmedia release

National environment group Friends of the Earth is supporting the call from regional community groups for an outright ban on all new coal development in the state.

In a powerful statement of grassroots democracy, a growing number of communities in areas marked for coal exploration are declaring themselves 'coal and gasfield free'. New 'greenfield' coal mines clearly do not have social license to operate. Yet state government departments have approved a number of exploration licenses in recent months.

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“It’s a marathon fight”: Mirboo North battles against coal

By now most of us are familiar with the little South Gippsland town of Mirboo North (population 2688 or thereabouts).  We know the name because it has been under siege by the threat of mining and unconventional gas for years.  A huge number of local people opposed Mantle Mining’s coal licence application at a public meeting in 2012, and theirs was the only town to host a community forum prior to the publication of the Reith Report.  The people of Mirboo North declared the town coal and gasfield free on the 9th of February 2014, with 96.6% in favour of the declaration. Since then they have seen the extension of the unconventional moratorium, community consultations, and now the Parliamentary Inquiry into Unconventional Gas.  The community has been on alert for a wearying length of time.

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GDF Suez refusal to pay for cost of Hazelwood coal disaster reinforces need to regulate the sector

Hazelwood_fire.jpgMEDIA RELEASE: 7 July, 2015

National environment group Friends of the Earth say news the owner of Hazelwood is refusing to pay the $18 million cost of fighting last year's fire that occurred in their brown coal mine reinforces the need to regulate the sector.

"GDF Suez's refusal to pay an $18 million fire-fighting bill strengthens the case for regulating the coal sector to protect the public purse, community health, and our climate," said Cam Walker, Friends of the Earth campaigns coordinator.

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