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Pages tagged "Climate Justice"

June 2016 Update

FoE's Yes 2 Renewables campaign secures Vic Renewable Energy Targets

IMG_7402.jpgWe're winning: After Friends of the Earth's community campaign lasting nearly two-and-a-half years, the Victorian government announced state Renewable Energy Targets of 25 percent by 2020 and 40 percent by 2025.
The Victorian Renewable Energy Targets will double wind energy capacity in the state by 2020 and triple renewable energy capacity by 2025–creating 10,000 jobs and unlocking a $2.5 billion investment opportunity in the process. 
Analysis from University of Melbourne Energy Institute finds that Australia now has an implicit national Renewable Energy Target of 30-35% by 2030 due to Victoria’s targets. Competitive pressure in the electricity market from new renewable energy capacity will see the closure of polluting coal power plants like Hazelwood. 
The Yes 2 Renewables team and our community and union allies are wrapped with the outcome. We put together this overview of the long road to VRET:
FoE's renewable team are ready for the next big campaign, but need your help to stay in the game. Please make a donation today:
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A warning on local climate impacts

Bells_Swamp.jpgIn the lead-up to the Bendigo in a Warming Future forum, which will be held in Bendigo on June 15, a fieldtrip hosted by local ecologists highlighted the impacts of climate change which are already being felt in northern Victoria.

Warning on local climate      

Climate change is already taking its toll locally. During a field trip to Bell Swamp and Mount Alexander on Friday, local ecologists pointed out examples of the impact on the region’s ecology.

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Victoria back in the game on climate change

Premier_leadership_banner_June_2016.jpgFriends of the Earth has welcomed the Victorian government’s announcement that it intends to take ‘decisive action’ to tackle climate change and re-assert the states leadership role on climate action.

The Andrews government has today released its response to the Independent Review (IRC) of the Climate Change Act (CCA), supporting almost all of the recommendations proposed by the IRC.

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May 2016 Update

Koala._Are_you_a_Friend_of_FoE-.pngTax time is fast approaching - as is the federal election - and things are go, go, go at FoE!

Whilst the attack on our charitable status continues via the House Of Reps Inquiry in to the Register of Environmental Organisation, you can still claim any donations over $2 to FoE as a tax deduction.

Please donate to FoE today to ensure that we can stave of this attack, whilst continuing to keep our grassroots led campaigns for social and environmental justice going.


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The future of Bendigo in a warming climate

ground_cover.jpgPublic Forum

Capital Theatre, Bendigo

Wed June 15 at 7pm.

Bendigo is one of the more vulnerable places in Australia when it comes to global warming.

Apart from higher average temperatures we are told to prepare for more frequent droughts and lower overall rainfall totals. Is the city prepared enough for these changes? What are the predictions for Central Victoria for the immediate and distant future? What will happen to our farmland? Is there enough water to support all of us through the dry times? How will our wildlife cope? And what about the fire danger? What questions would you ask the climate scientists working on these issues?

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Victoria needs a Strong Climate Act

CCA_meme.jpgWhen they were in power, the Victorian Coalition gutted the Climate Change Act. Victoria has been without effective climate laws or policies for five years. In that time, the global climate crisis has worsened, Victoria’s emissions have not fallen, the development of renewable energy was halted for almost five years, and the state is behind where we should be in adaptation planning. Globally, we are about to cross  the threshold point of 400 ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The government has recently been handed the Independent Review to the Climate Change Act, which makes 33 recommendations about how the Act could be re-built. Most of them are common sense improvements.

It will respond to the review shortly. The government’s response will outline how it intends to re-build the Climate Change Act.

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Rally to protect CSIRO climate jobs

CSIRO_rally_April_2016.jpgA few weeks ago, CSIRO CEO Larry Marshall announced his plans to get rid of 350 more scientists, mostly from climate and environmental research.

Malcolm Turnbull can step in and fix this problem. He can agree to reverse the funding cuts and properly fund science in the interest of the nation.

Join us at the State Library of Victoria on saturday April 2nd to rally against the savage cuts to climate research at the CSIRO.

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EPA to investigate Origin's Victorian onshore gas plants

Origin_gas_plant.jpgAs the Victorian government ponders whether to open up the state to both conventional and unconventional gas drilling operations, new evidence has come to light about the failure of the gas industry to act responsibly and safely.

The Australian newspaper has published two articles regarding Origin Energy's conventional gas operations. An internal Origin audit (the Origin Energy Conventional Operations Environmental Review, Aug 2015) found that Origin management put “inadequate” resources into compliance at the “upstream” division, with not all regulatory breaches properly logged on the company’s internal system. Origin has admitted for the first time that it's gas processing plant at Lang Lang, in Victoria, has been emitting much higher volumes of toxic chemicals than allowed under its licence.

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December 2015 Update

foe-circle-logo.jpgThe year is at a close again and the 'festive season' is in full swing. It can be a difficult time for some to resist the allure of rampant consumerism... but FoE always has alternatives!

Drop into the Food Co-op on Smith St and pick up amazing ethical present ideas and food to suit any feast!

Too hard to think of a pressie? Why not make a donation to FoE and put it in your loved one's name? You can make online donations here.

Thanks again for your ongoing support in 2015 and have a safe and happy festive season - See you all in 2016!

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Andrews govt's New Energy Jobs Fund shows it's preparing to set ambitious Vic Renewable Energy Targets

884wind-turbine11.jpgThe Andrews government opened the first tranch of its New Energy Jobs Fund in Blackburn today. 

The launch comes in the lead up to the release of its Renewable Energy Action Plan that will set Victorian Renewable Energy Targets for 2020 and 2025.

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