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Pages tagged "Climate Justice"

Take action to support the Transition

It is expected that the majority owners of the Hazelwood power station will make an announcement about the future of the plant later this week. Reports in the media have suggested it could be closed as soon as April next year.


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Community briefings - where to for Victoria?

community_briefings_2016.jpgThe Andrews state government is coming up to its two year anniversary. That means they're halfway through this term of Parliament, with two years left before the next election.

Premier Andrews came to power with a promise to make Victoria a leader on climate change and the environment. They've definitely started on this journey - they're saying the right things, and have made some welcome decisions so far.

Since winning the election in 2014, the Andrews government has announced a permanent ban on unconventional gas, started protecting rivers from damage by cows, committed Victoria to net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050, removed 99 year leases from national parks, set strong targets for renewable energy, amongst other things.

But some big ticket items remain. What will happen to Hazelwood, the world's dirtiest power station? Will the Great Forest National Park finally be created? These and other questions still need answers.

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Rebuilding the Climate Change Act

time_for_transition.jpgThe Victorian government has been releasing a range of positive climate and energy initiatives in recent months (including the Victorian Renewable Energy target or VRET, and announcing a permanent ban on all onshore unconventional gas drilling).

Following an Independent Review of the Climate Change Act (CCA), the government is now re-writing the Act.

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No mineral sands mining in Gippsland

13087567_582663201901043_2904783250366063661_n.jpgKalbar Resources is seeking to develop a mineral sands mine near Glenaladale, northwest of Bairnsdale in far east Gippsland.

If approved, the proposed mine will be built at an area known as The Fingerboards, located at the crossroads of Bairnsdale-Dargo Rd and Fernbank-Glenaladale Rd, east of Lindenow, between Stratford and Bairnsdale.

Kalbar previously explored the area under a now expired exploration licence. They have recently been granted a retention license for the proposal.

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Greenland, climate change and the future of skiing

skiiing.jpgIn March of 2014 six women set sail from Ísafjörður, Iceland with the intention of sailing across the Denmark Straight and up the south-west coast of Greenland. They hoped to explore the remote coastline, pioneer new ski descents, and collect scientific data in some of the most incredible wilderness on earth.

The film that came from that trip, Shifting Ice, highlighted both the incredible skiing on offer in Greenland and the impacts of climate change on the Arctic.

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July 2016 Update

Ban onshore gas drilling – we’re so close!

As we have been reporting in recent newsletters, the Cabinet reshuffle in May has led to a delay in the state government deciding whether to make the current moratorium on onshore gas permanent.

The new Resources Minister, Wade Noonan, will make a final decision before mid August, so we are in the very last stages of this very long running campaign.

We are doing our best to convince the new minister that the community will support a permanent ban on onshore gas drilling.

If you haven’t called or emailed the minister please do so now. There is a list of campaign ideas available here.

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June 2016 Update

FoE's Yes 2 Renewables campaign secures Vic Renewable Energy Targets

IMG_7402.jpgWe're winning: After Friends of the Earth's community campaign lasting nearly two-and-a-half years, the Victorian government announced state Renewable Energy Targets of 25 percent by 2020 and 40 percent by 2025.
The Victorian Renewable Energy Targets will double wind energy capacity in the state by 2020 and triple renewable energy capacity by 2025–creating 10,000 jobs and unlocking a $2.5 billion investment opportunity in the process. 
Analysis from University of Melbourne Energy Institute finds that Australia now has an implicit national Renewable Energy Target of 30-35% by 2030 due to Victoria’s targets. Competitive pressure in the electricity market from new renewable energy capacity will see the closure of polluting coal power plants like Hazelwood. 
The Yes 2 Renewables team and our community and union allies are wrapped with the outcome. We put together this overview of the long road to VRET:
FoE's renewable team are ready for the next big campaign, but need your help to stay in the game. Please make a donation today:
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A warning on local climate impacts

Bells_Swamp.jpgIn the lead-up to the Bendigo in a Warming Future forum, which will be held in Bendigo on June 15, a fieldtrip hosted by local ecologists highlighted the impacts of climate change which are already being felt in northern Victoria.

Warning on local climate      

Climate change is already taking its toll locally. During a field trip to Bell Swamp and Mount Alexander on Friday, local ecologists pointed out examples of the impact on the region’s ecology.

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Victoria back in the game on climate change

Premier_leadership_banner_June_2016.jpgFriends of the Earth has welcomed the Victorian government’s announcement that it intends to take ‘decisive action’ to tackle climate change and re-assert the states leadership role on climate action.

The Andrews government has today released its response to the Independent Review (IRC) of the Climate Change Act (CCA), supporting almost all of the recommendations proposed by the IRC.

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May 2016 Update

Koala._Are_you_a_Friend_of_FoE-.pngTax time is fast approaching - as is the federal election - and things are go, go, go at FoE!

Whilst the attack on our charitable status continues via the House Of Reps Inquiry in to the Register of Environmental Organisation, you can still claim any donations over $2 to FoE as a tax deduction.

Please donate to FoE today to ensure that we can stave of this attack, whilst continuing to keep our grassroots led campaigns for social and environmental justice going.


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