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Pages tagged "Climate Justice"

Act on Climate update: March is a month of action!

With a Federal election in months and a state election in November, Act on Climate are hitting the ground running to hold the Morrison government to account and secure stronger policies here in Victoria. 

In the wake of devastating climate-fuelled floods in Queensland and northern New South Wales and another sobering IPCC report, we're calling for community members to channel the rage into action.

Let's make March a pivotal month of action that will help the climate movement build momentum and have impact this year. 

Here’s a quick update on our efforts in February and upcoming actions...

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Friends of the Earth Melbourne hit the road together!

The Friends of the Earth Melbourne campaign coordinating and organising team took a trip together for a few days last week, to the country of the Brataualung clan of the Gunaikurnai people in South Gippsland, staying in cosy quarters thanks to a kind and generous volunteer FoE member. 

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Community ramps up climate campaign in Melbourne's east

Community members in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne are getting organised to fight for climate justice. Liz Reen of Mont Albert is one of the many community members who have stepped up to call on the Federal government to increase Australia’s 2030 climate targets.

Liz, fellow members of the ACF Chisholm group, and community raised their voices ahead of the critically-important COP26 summit in Glasgow. They’re continuing the fight for stronger targets ahead of a Federal election and COP27 summit in November—where Australia is expected to announce increased ambition. 

Act on Climate caught up with Liz Reen for a chat about the community’s campaign:

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Act on Climate update: Fired up for 2022!

It's our first update of 2022 and it's fair to say that the mighty Act on Climate collective is fired up. 

With a Federal election in months and a state election in November, we're hitting the ground running to hold the Morrison government to account and secure stronger policies here in Victoria. 

Here’s a quick update on our efforts in January and upcoming actions...


Last year, the United States, United Kingdom, and dozens of other countries strengthened efforts to tackle the climate crisis... Australia was not among them.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison refused to strengthen Australia's 2030 target at the COP26 summit. His government signed then seemingly walked away from the Glasgow Climate Pact in the days following the global climate negotiation.

We will continue our campaign for stronger climate targets from the Federal government. We're working with communities in Melbourne's inner-eastern suburbs to put the issue on the agenda and have several creative actions in store (so keep your eyes peeled).

We've launched an online petition to present clear policy demands to the Morrison government. Please sign the petition to strengthen our arm when we're lobbying politicians. And please share it around so we can demonstrate that the community is not satisfied with half measures on climate (if you can call them that!).

JOIN the call for Scott Morrison to get serious about the climate crisis.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Friends of the Earth response to the Australian Labor Party’s climate policy package

MEDIA RELEASE: 3 December 2021

Friends of the Earth response to the Australian Labor Party’s climate policy package

The Australian Labor Party has released its long-awaited policy to tackle the climate crisis as the Parliamentary sitting year ends.

The comprehensive packagewhich includes measures to accelerate the rollout of renewables and uptake of electric vehicles, among other technologiesstates the Albanese opposition’s commitment to cut emissions by 43 percent below 2005 levels by 2030.

Friends of the Earth says whoever forms government after the 2022 election must grapple with the urgent need to align national climate targets with the best available science.

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Community "Rally 'Round Our Dunes" to highlight climate impacts in Inverloch

The Bass Coast community has been sounding the alarm about climate impacts on the coast for over a decade. The region has observed significant coastal erosion from rising sea levels and intensifying storm surges. 

This community-driven advocacy helped secure emergency funding from the Andrews government in the wake of storm surges in October 2019 and May 2020—the latter event almost undermined the Bunurong Road connecting Inverloch and Cape Paterson. 

Due to the slow pace of climate action from governments around the globe, coastal communities can expect at least 1.1 metres of sea-level rise by 2100. Sadly, that means Inverloch and other coastal communities will continue to see damage to infrastructure and ecosystems. 

The South Gippsland Conservation Society has not given up hope. The group has organised a community rally, Rally 'Round Our Dunes, to encourage authorities to address the issue.

Act on Climate caught up with Philip Heath, President of the South Gippsland Conservation Society, to find out more about the issue and upcoming event. 

Citizen science conducted by the South Gippsland Conservation Society, Aileen Vening, and others has put the issue on the radar of VictorianMinister for Climate Change Lily D'Ambrosio and led to coverage from The Age and ABC News.

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COP 26: ‘Rich nations have kicked the can down the road’

The Conference of Parties (COP) climate negotiations in Glasgow has just ended. Climate science makes it clear that we are running out of time to avoid climate catastrophe and this COP was vital in terms of achieving global agreement to act to limit overall climate heating. 

COP1.jpgSadly, it didn't deliver what was needed. 

Here is a very quick response from Friends of the Earth.

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Better Buses Campaign Updates

Want to get the latest update on our Better Buses campaign for more frequent, connected and electric buses? Check it out below!

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Dirt Radio podcast - Transport, climate justice, and better buses in Melbourne's West

On this episode we will catch up Laura Sykes - Friends of the Earth’s Sustainable Cities collective coordinator to talk about all things transport, climate change and anew campaign that is being launched called Better Buses in Melbourne’s West.

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