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Rally in Warburton a huge success!

Our Forests   Our Water  Our Climate

Rally in Warburton to protect our water catchments from woodchipping

Speakers at the rally included:

  • Tracey Bartram
  • Joy Wandin Murphy, Senior elder of the Wurundjeri people
  • Councillor Samantha Dunn from Yarra Ranges shire
  • Luke Chamberlain from the Wilderness Society
  • Councillor Tim Heenan, Mayor of Yarra Ranges shire
  • Greg Barber, Greens MLC
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FoE Climate Justice Speakers

We have presenters available to offer informed and comprehensive information sessions in order to stimulate discussion and empower people to become active in the fight against climate change. FoE is a grassroots environmental organization with a strong emphasis on social and global justice. We working closely with people who are directly affected by climate change and is well positioned to present the issue from their perspective.

The presentation explains the science behind Climate Change in a clear and accessible manner and explores the injustices emerging as the effects of Climate Change worsen. Our speakers will discuss proposed technological, political and cultural solutions to this global crisis, drawing on the current research of key experts including David Spratt, Phillip Sutton and James Hansen. The presentation goes for about 30 minutes plus discussion time and is free of charge, however any contribution towards our travel expenses is greatly appreciated.

You can request a speaker using this form

Garnaut Climate protest calls for stronger action

Media Release

September 30 2008

Rudd must reject Garnaut's low climate change targets

of the Earth Australia has described Garnaut's report as a "recipe for
disaster" and called on the government to reject his proposed low-end
carbon pollution targets.

Professor Garnaut's Final Report outlining the science and economics of climate change and emission trading was released today.

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Greenhouse Mafia Captures Politics

Press Release
Wednesday 24 September 2008
Greenhouse Mafia Captures Politics


The Greenhouse Mafia representing major polluters from the fossil fuel industry were out in force this morning capturing Government, and their climate policy, to make sure business as usual greenhouse emissions continue in the face of dangerous climate change.

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seminar - climate justice

Date: Saturday 2 August Time: 10.45am-5pm (register from 10.30am ) Venue: Public Lecture Theatre, Old Arts Building, University of Melbourne (See map attached) Full agenda at: Sponsoring organisations: Development Studies Program of the School of Philosophy, Anthropology and Social Inquiry (University of Melbourne); Friends of the Earth; Western Region Environment Centre; Socialist Alliance; Your Water Your Say; Resistance; Mothers Against Genetically Engineered Crops (MADGE), Community Radio 3CR.

Climate Emergency Rally, July 5

John Brumby and Kevin Rudd say that climate change is the biggest challenge humanity faces and their top priority, but their actions tell a different story.

We are calling for Victorians to join the Climate Emergency Rally on July 5. We want to send a wake-up call to state and federal governments that they are heading in the wrong direction. New coal, new freeways and desalination plants increase our use of and reliance on fossil fuels dramatically at a time when we must be cutting our use even more dramatically. We are calling on
governments to implement sustainable alternatives to these irresponsible and expensive projects. Alternatives such as renewable energy and public transport.

We call on all community groups and individuals to join us to send this important message to the government. We are going to form a 140-metre-long human sign to spell the words "Climate Emergency". Please organise your group to send endorsement, tell everyone you know, and come on the day wearing something red to symbolise emergency.

We are facing a climate emergency, the time for real action is now!

Come for the rally, stay for the giant human sign.

Saturday 5 July 2008

Time 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Location City Square (cnr Swanston & Collins streets)

Endorsed by:

  • Bayside Climate Action Group
  • Climate Emergency Network
  • Friends of the Earth
  • Socialist Alliance
  • Yarra Climate Action Now
  • Your Water Your Say

For further information, see:

Speeding towards dangerous climate change

Hear what the world's leading climate scientists are discovering about the speed of climate change, the potential impacts on our way of life, and what we need to do to safeguard our future.

  • Sir Rod Eddington has recommended we spend $18 billion on transport infrastructure, but says this will have â??minimalâ?? impact on transport emission trends. Meanwhile transport emissions are forecast to grow by more than 60% over 1999 levels by 2020. Can we do better?
  • Government ministers claim freeways offer environmental benefits and getting more â??cleanâ?? cars on the road is the solution, but are they effective?

Guest speakers include:

David Spratt
David Spratt is a climate-policy analyst and co-founder of Carbon Equity. Together with Philip Sutton, David co-authored Climate Code Red which meticulously documents extensive scientific evidence that the global warming crisis is far worse than official reports and national governments have indicated â?? and that weâ??re almost at the point of no return.

Dr Patrick Moriarty
Paddy Moriarty is an Honorary Research Associate at Monash University undertaking research in areas such as urban land use and transport and alternative energy. Paddy is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Australasian Centre for the Governance and Management of Urban Transport (GAMUT) at the University of Melbourne and has published extensively on alternative fuels, energy efficiency and transport systems.

Elliot Fishman
Elliot Fishman is a policy advisor with the Cycling Promotion Fund and Director of the Institute for Sensible Transport. Elliot has recently co-authored a report on the health benefits of cycling and what governments need to do to encourage more people to ride instead of drive.

When: Sunday 15 June 2008, 2.30pm - 5pm
Where: Supper Room, Melbourne Town Hall, cnr Swanston & Collins Streets, Melbourne
RSVP: [email protected]

Climate Code Red Report

The case for a sustainability emergency published by FoE, finds that serious climate-change impacts are already happening, more quickly and at lower global temperature rises than previously projected. Download this must-read report to learn more about the latest science on climate change and what we can do to halt dangerous climate change here

Bay dredging alert

Please take the time (less than a minute) to send a letter to Peter Garrett and help stop the proposed dredging of Port Phillip Bay - just click here to use our simple form now. (This link will take you to an e-lobby on the FoE International website)

Sustainable palm oil campaign launched

Members of the Palm Oil Action Group are ;

Check out our new website at: