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Pages tagged "Climate Justice"

Trade union climate conference

The Victorian Trades Hall Council Climate Change Working Group together with the Climate Emergency Network is hosting a climate change conference for trade unionists and local activists, on Saturday October 9th

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Climate Change Bill tabled in Parliament

The Climate Change Bill 2010 was introduced to Parliament on 27 July 2010.

The main objective of the Bill is to create a new framework to help Victoria respond to the challenges of climate change and establish a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent compared with 2000 levels by 2020.

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Climate White Paper a Game Changer

The Victorian government has taken a bold step forward and substantially advanced the climate debate with the release of the final details of its White Paper on climate change.

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Walk Against Warming 2010

This year we’re taking our message for a safe climate straight to the people that matter most – the voters. This year we’re asking you to join us for the first ever Great Suburban Walk.

Sunday 15 August

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Energy saving action a good step, climate white paper is next challenge

Environment groups today welcomed the Victorian Government’s announcement of improvements to the Energy Saver Incentive scheme and registration rebates for low-emission vehicles, but warned that the upcoming Climate Change White Paper would need larger scale action to slash greenhouse pollution.

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Helping Victorian homes tackle climate change, energy & water bills

The  One  Million  Homes  Alliance  is  calling  on  the  Victorian  Government  to  enable  more  Victorians  to  tackle  climate  change  and  riing  energy  and  water  bills  by  upgrading  the  water  and  energy  efficiency  of  one  million  Victorian  homes. 

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'Energy Future' paper sets the scene. Climate White Paper must drive transition from coal.

Friends of the Earth has welcomed today's release of 'Victoria's Energy Future' by the Minister for Energy Peter Batchelor.

We acknowledge the fact that the Brumby government is taking such a proactive approach to transforming our energy sources towards a low carbon future. The White Paper must fill in the details on exactly how Victoria can move away from its historic reliance on coal, oil and gas to generate energy.

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The population debate and an inconvenient truth

Australians are one of the world's largest per capita consumers of resources and emitters of greenhouse gases. Certainly we need an informed and rational debate about what might constitute a sustainable human population for Australia. But to do so without acknowledging the massive over consumption that we are responsible for is nothing less than hypocrisy.

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Picket Peter Batchelor - Climate jobs Not New Coal!

Peter Batchelor, Minister for Energy and Resources Victoria, is attending the Victorian Coal and Energy Conference on the 30th of March. He'll be there to discuss the business-as-usual approach to climate change—Rudd's CPRS and the construction of a new coal-fired power station in the La Trobe Valley. This is just one of 12 new coal-fired powers stations proposed across Australia.

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Climate manipulation "Woodstock" conference a dangerous distraction

Next week, the Asilomar International conference on climate intervention technologies will take place in Asilomar, California.

Organised by proponents of the controversial field of climate manipulation or ‘geo-engineering’, the conference will seek to establish a set of voluntary standards for climate intervention research for the international scientific community.

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