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Organising Training Series: Sign up

The Organising training series is for anyone interested in building their activist skill. It aims to build capacity in our collectives and broader movement.

Sign up to the series for updates and resources after each session. Whether you're able to attend or not, you can recieve the content from the workshops and stay in touch with any changes and communications on the topics of upskilling.


The workshops will run every second Tuesday 6pm-8pm with dinner provided. 



#1: May 9 - Organising 101

Back to the basics of organising! We’ll kick off the series by diving into looking at the systems of power upholding our current society and draw on simple frameworks we can utilise to understand how we can be effective in our organising. RSVP here.

#2: May 23 - Relational organising and Facilitation

What does relational organising look like? Join this session to learn about the power of one on one conversations in collective building and why relationships are the foundation of everything we do. Facilitation is a skill we use regularly in our collectives. This is an opportunity to also spend time reflecting on what makes a good facilitator and how we can improve our skills to get more out of our meeting processes. RSVP here.

#3: June 6 - Building our base and collective capacity

Who is our base, and how effectively does our team work together? We’ll investigate how people are currently engaging with our collectives, discuss the role of leadership in movement building and what we can do to strengthen, expand and enhance our collectives. RSVP here.

#4: June 20 - Storytelling & effective conversations

What role do narratives play in movement building? The messages we use to communicate drive our campaigns, but we can also utilise our own story as a tool to organise. This workshop utilises formats of storytelling which connect our individual experience to our community. The interactions we have with people can move them to action if we approach the exchange with an awareness of how to best connect with people on issues. RSVP here.

#5: July 4 - Building alliances

As we move towards building alliances with impacted communities, unions, and other FoE collectives we can draw on the wisdom of movements from the past, reflecting on what is involved in coalition building and how we can prepare our collective to engage with other groups behind common concerns. RSVP here.

#6: July 18 - Climate Justice & Intersectionality

1. Systems of power & climate justice

2. Intersectional feminism & climate impacts on women

3. Action plan

RSVP here.

#7: Aug 1 - Visioning for the collective and movement

The most resilient, effective, intersectional movements have a strong sense of solidarity. This involves an awareness of what is happening in spaces other than those we are directly working in. The purpose of this workshop is to foster a stronger sense of solidarity in the work we envision and build on our understanding of social movements. RSVP here.

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First Nations Clean Energy Network launch Ten Principles for Clean Energy

The opportunity of renewable energy should and can be available to all. But we know for many communities that affordable, secure and clean power is not yet a reality.

Members from Friends of the Earth were privileged to join an online webinar on the 30th November, 2022 for the launch of the First Nations Clean Energy Network's Ten Principles for Clean Energy Projects.

The First Nations Clean Energy Network (FNCEN) was formed to ensure First Nations People play a central role in Australia’s renewable energy transition, and to make sure this transition occurs fairly for First Nations people and communities.

The Ten Principles provide First Nations communities with guidance about how to engage with medium or large scale renewable energy projects proposed on or near their land and waters. According to the FNCEN, the Principles will also be helpful for all groups involved in developing renewable energy projects to make sure this happens in a collaborative and respectful way.

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Loving Murrumdoorandi

Localisation and community resilience in a time of transition.

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Climate action on the bay!

The bayside suburbs of Melbourne are shaping up to be an important space for climate justice.

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Matt Guy spruiks Vic Liberals energy policy: Changes welcome but history can't go unchallenged

The federal Liberals suffered at the polls because of their lack of ambition on climate change. Waging a culture war instead of getting on with the energy transition has become synonymous with being unelectable.

So it's a smart move by Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy to back renewables and net-zero emissions by 2050 in an opinion piece printed in The Age today. But there are many details in Matthew Guy’s plan that can’t go unchallenged.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Days after watershed climate election, inquiry shows Vic can go further on renewables & get off gas

The Victorian Parliament has today received evidence it can go further and faster on renewable energy to create jobs and cut emissions, just days after a watershed election dominated by the issue of climate change.

Friends of the Earth says the combined evidence of Victoria’s Parliamentary Inquiry into 100% renewable energy and strong public support for action on climate shows the Andrews government can demonstrate greater ambition.

“With the federal election result proving that political parties who take climate change seriously will be rewarded at the ballot box, will Vic Premier Dan Andrews seize the opportunity?" asked Friends of the Earth renewable energy spokesperson Pat Simons.

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Have Your Say on Victoria's 2035 Climate Target

The Victorian government has opened up a public consultation for community members to have a say on what Emissions Reduction Target it will set for 2035. How high do you think Victoria should aim on climate? Continue reading for our guide on how you can have your say...

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Act on Climate update: Communities call for action ahead of Fed election

The 2022 Federal election is just weeks away and community members across the country are raising their voices to call for climate action. 

Whatever the outcome, you can count on Friends of the Earth and the movement to continue our campaigns for governments to deliver deep emissions cuts and protect communities from intensifying climate impacts.  

Here's a quick update on our efforts in April and upcoming actions...


There has been a flurry of action in Melbourne's inner-eastern, south eastern, and bayside suburbs following the successful Race to Zero Emissions action in late March. 

We've seen an Electric Vehicle showcase in Glen Waverley; a climate signage blitz in Brighton; community forums in Hawthorn, Box Hill, and Brighton; and several street actions.   

The Higgins Climate Action Network will hold a community forum at the Malvern Town Hall tomorrow night (Thursday 5 May) to elevate the public conversation about Federal government responses to the climate crisis. It'll be one of the final chances to raise your issues in front of candidates and other community members, so head along if you can. 

Tune into Dirt Radio to hear from some of the community champions organising local forums, and check out Jarred Abrahams' blog on how to put climate on the agenda at these events.

EMAIL Jarred Abrahams if you'd like to join our upcoming flyering blitz.

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Act on Climate update: Communities call for climate action as election nears

Community action and the biggest climate strike in years has put climate justice on the agenda as the 2022 Federal election nears.

The devastation caused by climate-fuelled floods in northern New South Wales reminds us of the consequences if governments and corporations refuse to deliver deep emissions cuts this decade.

Communities on the frontline of climate impacts have shown incredible courage and resilience in response to the latest disasters. We keep them front-of-mind as we fight for urgent action on climate here in Victoria. 

Here's a quick update on our efforts in March and upcoming actions...

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Put climate on the agenda at community forums

The Federal Election will be called any day now, and local community forums are popping up across Victoria. Lucky for you, we've got you covered for how to best engage your local candidates and ask them questions about climate action.

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