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MEDIA RELEASE: Friends of the Earth response to the Australian Labor Party’s climate policy package

MEDIA RELEASE: 3 December 2021

Friends of the Earth response to the Australian Labor Party’s climate policy package

The Australian Labor Party has released its long-awaited policy to tackle the climate crisis as the Parliamentary sitting year ends.

The comprehensive packagewhich includes measures to accelerate the rollout of renewables and uptake of electric vehicles, among other technologiesstates the Albanese opposition’s commitment to cut emissions by 43 percent below 2005 levels by 2030.

Friends of the Earth says whoever forms government after the 2022 election must grapple with the urgent need to align national climate targets with the best available science.

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PETITION: Protect Inverloch's dunes from climate impacts

A storm surge hits the coastline in Inverloch where dramatic erotion is threatening the Bunurong Road. Waves are cracking on an emergency rock wall and coastal banksias can be seen falling into the ocean.

Community members on the Bass Coast, Bunurong Country, are sounding the alarm about climate impacts on the coast. 

Inverloch’s surf beach is under serious threat from rising sea levels and intensifying storm surges. The coastline has been eroded by up to 70 metres in the last 10 years, sweeping away half of the vegetated dunes and the habitat they provide.

The Wreck Creek estuarine lagoon system is at risk from further dune breakthroughs and 80-year-old coastal banksias are being undermined and falling into the ocean at Flat Rocks.

Without appropriate protection, the remaining dunes will most likely be lost in a few years, leaving Surf Parade and adjoining residences vulnerable and the future of the surf beach uncertain.

While a long-term coastal adaptation plan is being developed through the Victorian government’s Cape to Cape Resilience Project, there is no committed funding for either short-term dune protection or long-term adaptation action.

Will you call on governments to protect community infrastructure and dune ecosystems from climate impacts?

NOTE: This is a joint petition of the South Gippsland Conservation Society and Friends of the Earth. Signatories will be shared with the South Gippsland Conservation Society.


100 signatures

The signs of the climate crisis can be seen in Inverloch.

Rising sea levels and intensifying storm surges are causing dramatic erosion and threatening community infrastructure and precious dune ecosystems.  

We, the undersigned, call on Bass Coast Shire Council, the Victorian government, and the Federal government to:

  • Commit funding for immediate dune renourishment works along Inverloch Surf Beach, with a particular focus on the Wreck Creek and Flat Rocks sections of coastline.
  • Low-impact coastal protection works, such as wet sand fencing and dune revegetation, before next year’s autumn and winter storm swells.
  • Acknowledge that additional funding is needed to implement long-term adaptation measures at Inverloch surf beach, on completion of the current Coastal Hazard Assessment.

All levels of government can support efforts to address climate impacts on our coastlines.

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Act on Climate collective meeting


Friends of the Earth Melbourne's Act on Climate collective works with frontline communities, workers, and unions to build a strong and diverse Climate Justice movement that governments can’t ignore.

Since 2017, Act on Climate has campaigned to make Victoria the national leader on climate action.

We led the community campaign for the Andrews government to set science-based Emissions Reduction Targets and are now calling on the Morrison government and Labor opposition to increase Australia's 2030 climate targets, and more.

Weekly collective meetings are the engine room for our campaigns.

Come along to get involved in a grassroots action on climate change. No prior knowledge or experience necessary, just a passion for community and climate solutions.

NOTE: Friends of the Earth is a COVID-safe workplace. We ask that attendees are fully vaccinated. 

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands and waterways in the area now known as Victoria. We pay respect to Elders past, present, and emerging, as well as to all First Nations communities who significantly contribute to the life of the area. We acknowledge sovereignty was never ceded. This is stolen land.

January 17, 2022 at 6:00pm
Friends of the Earth Melbourne
312 Smith St
Wurundjeri Country
Collingwood, VIC 3065
Google map and directions

Community "Rally 'Round Our Dunes" to highlight climate impacts in Inverloch

The Bass Coast community has been sounding the alarm about climate impacts on the coast for over a decade. The region has observed significant coastal erosion from rising sea levels and intensifying storm surges. 

Citizen science conducted by the South Gippsland Conservation Society, Aileen Vening, and others has put the issue on the radar of Victorian Minister for Climate Change Lily D'Ambrosio and led to coverage from 
The Age and ABC News.

This community-driven advocacy helped secure emergency funding from the Andrews government in the wake of storm surges in October 2019 and May 2020—the latter event almost undermined the Bunurong Road connecting Inverloch and Cape Paterson. 

Due to the slow pace of climate action from governments around the globe, coastal communities can expect at least 1.1 metres of sea-level rise by 2100. Sadly, that means Inverloch and other coastal communities will continue to see damage to infrastructure and ecosystems. 

The South Gippsland Conservation Society has not given up hope. The group has organised a community rally, Rally 'Round Our Dunes, to encourage authorities to address the issue.

Act on Climate caught up with Philip Heath, President of the South Gippsland Conservation Society, to find out more about the issue and upcoming event. 

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COP 26: ‘Rich nations have kicked the can down the road’

The Conference of Parties (COP) climate negotiations in Glasgow has just ended. Climate science makes it clear that we are running out of time to avoid climate catastrophe and this COP was vital in terms of achieving global agreement to act to limit overall climate heating. 

COP1.jpgSadly, it didn't deliver what was needed. 

Here is a very quick response from Friends of the Earth.

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Better Buses Campaign Updates

Want to get the latest update on our Better Buses campaign for more frequent, connected and electric buses? Check it out below!

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Dirt Radio podcast - Transport, climate justice, and better buses in Melbourne's West

On this episode we will catch up Laura Sykes - Friends of the Earth’s Sustainable Cities collective coordinator to talk about all things transport, climate change and anew campaign that is being launched called Better Buses in Melbourne’s West.

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Dirt Radio - Launching the People's Climate Strategy

Anna Langford on 3CR - Dirt Radio

This week we are joined by Anna Langford from Friends of the Earth's Act on Climate collective to talk about the People's Climate Strategy - a bold project that crowdsourced climate solutions from the general public.


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