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Our proposal for a Climate Ready Victoria

The summer of 2023/24 has already seen enormous impacts on the people and landscapes of Victoria. From early season bushfires in Gippsland to flooding across large sections of the centre and north of the state, it is clear that climate impacts are being felt across Victoria. As the premier Jacinta Allan noted in January, when she visited flood-hit Seymour 'climate change had resulted in more frequent flooding and extreme weather, underscoring the need to transition to renewable energy'. Across the country, severe heatwaves, floods, fires and storms are already being supercharged by global heating. 

Climate action is more important than ever, and Victoria needs to continue to lead the nation both on mitigation and climate disaster readiness that protects communities and ecosystems.  That’s why this year we have put forward our ‘Climate Ready Vic’ proposal to the Victorian State Government- it's a suite of policies that we think will make sure we put our best foot forward to face a new climate reality, and make sure no one is left behind as we transition from reliance on fossil fuels and adapt to the climate conditions of the 21st century.

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