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Call on Environment Minister Plibersek to take real action!

Australia is a truly unique country, with stunning contrasting landscapes. Deserts and coastlines, rainforests and wetlands. Under the custodianship of First Peoples, this land thrived for thousands of years but now, due to the negligence of governments and the exploitation of nature, Australia is facing an extinction and climate crisis.

The colonial laws governing this great land have consistently put the environment last, and the recent State of Environment report alarmingly tells the story of an eroded ecological heritage. Our response to the report is here. It’s time to protect the rich biodiversity and landscapes of this country by valuing it. The newly elected federal government must now respond to the report. They have a responsibility - and the opportunity - to make real change by setting Australia on a new path, with First Nations people leading the way.

The State of the Environment report highlights the fact that our environment is experiencing rapid decline, and that we urgently require strong policy reforms to strengthen environmental protections, and must prioritise recovery plans for endangered and threatened species. We also need to prevent and discontinue climate-wrecking industries such as coal, oil, gas and native forest logging. This is an emergency and our leaders need to act accordingly.

Will you join us by calling on the new environment minister, Tanya Plibersek MP to step up for the environment and reform federal nature laws immediately? Australia deserves laws that place nature first and the cultural values of First Nations people. These laws need to be constructive, efficient and impactful in order to turn around the situation we are in.

Together, we are standing up for nature and calling for the protection of Australia’s incredible and fragile ecosystems. For Country, for nature, and for future generations. This government needs to step up and join us too.