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  The Coalition intends to ‘streamline assessments and approvals’ processes for major development projects. It says it will set up a ‘one-stop shop’ for environmental approvals to cut what Mr Abbott calls ‘green tape’ (but what most of us call environmental protection).

  Under these changes, State Governments would be given sweeping powers to assess and approve major development projects. If implemented, these changes would be a disaster for our nation's environment and wildlife.

  A number of states have repeatedly put short-term commercial interests ahead of rigorous environmental protection. In the real world, watering down federal powers over developments will most likely mean more coalmines, more gas rigs, and more port facilities in places like the Great Barrier Reef or the Kimberley.

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  Dear the Hon Tony Abbott MP,

 I am deeply concerned about the Coalition’s plan to ‘devolve’ environmental decision making powers.

 Our iconic wildlife and environment are under greater pressure and face more threats than ever before. We need to strengthen rather than weaken environmental protection laws.

 There is no evidence to support the view that the states can be entrusted to thoroughly apply national environmental protection measures. There is, unfortunately, much evidence to the contrary, with a number of them making short-sighted decisions that prioritise the interests of big business.

 The protection of the Franklin River in Tasmania is an example of federal intervention heading off harmful environmental impacts.

 Please show leadership on this issue and rule out any plan to devolve environmental powers to the states.

 Yours sincerely

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