Friends of the Earth Sponsors

Friends of the Earth are grateful to the following sponsors who continue to support our campaigns for social and environmental justice.

Ethica Activewear donate 10% of their net profits to FoE's Transform Waste Campaign. Eco-friendly, ethical, high-end quality, functional and fashionable athleisure wear, made in Australia from recycled and sustainable fabrics, that can be worn from studio to street.

When you order through this link 50% of the profits will be donated to Friends of the Earth so it's a great way to support our work and enjoy vegan-friendly wine at the same time! Order yours here.

Summer Healing Yoga’s mission is to develop and expand the study of consciousness into our society. Experience yoga in a warm, educational and non-competitive atmosphere - to help you relax, stretch and breathe. Members of FoE are offered 2 weeks of unlimited free yoga. Studios are located near Carlton, and in Carnegie, Brunswick. (Text evidence of your membership to 0432293294 to redeem)


Would you like to become a Sponsor of Friends of the Earth? 

Sponsors can either:

  • Elect to donate a small percentage of profits to Friends of the Earth; or 
  • Offer special offers to Friends of the Earth Members

Friends of the Earth only accepts sponsorship from groups that align with our values of championing social and environmental justice.

Sponsors will be listed in our annual reports and here, on our webpage.  Sponsorships are not promotional partnerships.  

Contact [email protected] for more information.