A Creative Space for Creative Resistance

Community campaigns get results, and our home on Smith Street has become the beating heart of environmental activism in Melbourne. It's used every ay for meetings, workshops, info nights and creative action planning. This work is transforming the social and political conditions that threaten community, culture and the natural world.

Regardless of the result of the upcoming state election, communities will need to set the agenda for environmental outcomes over the next four years, and into the future.

So, in 2019, we will continue to put pressure on state government and the opposition to follow through on their election promises, and to step up for the climate.

And, we are going to modernise the hub of grassroots activity in Melbourne, so that our community can better plan and execute effective campaigns and creative actions. 

Your tax deductible donation will ensure that we can continue to provide a vibrant community meeting space for the Melbourne activist community to organise from for years to come!

Contributions are tax deductible.