Skillshare: How to speak to your MP about transport issues

A goup of people standing in front or parliament steps. One person is handing a petition to two MPs.

Join us for a workshop on how to speak to decision makers about sustainable and accessible transport issues facing Victoria!

We'll be hosting a skill share session on how to effectively engage your MPs in transport issues that affect you.

We're fighting for a liveable, fairer and more connected city. We want to see more investment in public transport like Melbourne Metro 2 (MM2), no new major roads, and better infrastructire for active travel.

Transport the second largest, and fastest growing contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in Victoria. The way we move around the city has global impacts, and decisions being made today will lock us into choices for decades to come.

The road lobby is pressuring the Victorian government to continue building polluting toll roads that only add to congestion. Let's tell our leaders we want sustainable public transport, not a future of car-dependency! 

Transport is an environmental and social justice issue – those without transport choices often live in areas without access to good services and infrastructure, and are vulnerable to the costs of cars (from purchasing, maintaining, rising fuel prices, increasing toll roads, and ongoing parking costs).

Creating viable alternative sustainable transport around the city improves productivity, health outcomes, congestion and tackles climate change.

As the Andrews government works on an economic recovery based on major infrastructure projects, we want to ensure that these developments will benefit our communities, not destroy them. This mission is of particular importance ahead of the forthcoming Victorian budget, and the development of a state Climate Strategy.

We’re fighting for sustainable transport options like Melbourne Metro 2 (MM2), as well as active transport infrastructure as part of the Covid-19 recovery.

Come along to meet like-minded people and gain the skills you'll need to chat to your MP about transport issues in your area!

July 29, 2020 at 6:00pm - 8pm
Claudia Gallois ·

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