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Labor MPs: Safeguard Our Climate, Not Polluter Profits

Right now, we have a window of opportunity to force Australia’s biggest polluting companies to pull their weight on climate action…

Will the Albanese government choose to Safeguard Our Climate, or protect polluter profits?

Email your federal MP and call on them to Safeguard Our Climate, not polluter profits.

The Albanese Government pledged to reform and strengthen the ‘Climate Safeguard Mechanism’ to deliver deep emissions cuts from big polluters this decade.

The Dirty Dozen, Australia’s twelve largest coal and gas polluting companies, are expected to lobby for the federal government to let them avoid making strong emissions cuts.

The community's voice is urgently needed as a counterweight to the big polluters' lobbying: Will you email your MP?

The community needs to come out in force and call on the Albanese govt to enforce deep emissions cuts on the Dirty Dozen polluters...

or we risk them being allowed to get away with using unlimited ‘offsets’ to make fake emissions cuts rather than real ones.

Climate scientists have made it clear we need to make the deepest emissions cuts before 2030 to have a hope of maintaining a safe climate. 

Email your federal MP and tell them to safeguard our climate, not polluter profits. 

*Note: If your federal MP is a Greens or Teal MP, you will also be able to send them an email through this action. If your federal MP is none of the above, you will be able to email your Labor Senators.