Friends of the Earth invites you to join the Active Friends Program



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What is the Active Friends Program?
The Active Friends Program is one of the best means to support the current and future work of Friends of the Earth. It involves a regular monthly donation of a self-nominated amount.

Why is the Active Friends Program vital to FoE?
Friends of the Earth never endorses people, parties or products and does not receive government or corporate sponsorship. To remain a radical and credible voice for social and environmental justice, we need a stable financial base. The Active Friends Program means that Friends of the Earth can engage in long-term campaign planing, and quickly and effectively respond to local issues.

Where will Active Friends donations go?
Friends of the Earth is renowned for making a little money go a long way. Because our administration costs are always kept to a bare minimum, practically all Active Friends contributions directly support campaign work, publications and community engagement. Active Friends donations will help maintain projects such as the Nuclear Freeways Project, protecting Red Gum forests and ensuring climate refugees are recognised and given aid to, to name just a few.

How can you join the Active Friends Program?
To join the Active Friends Program, please fill in the â??Active Friendsâ?? section on the membership form and post to: Friends of the Earth, PO Box 222, Fitzroy, 3065. You can cancel this pledge at any time by contacting the FoE office. All Active Friends donations are fully tax deductible.


CLICK HERE to join the Active Friends program now.