Protect the Renewable Energy Target

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The federal government's review of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) was carried out by a hand-picked panel of fossil fuel backers and tasked to report on whether the target is working.

As expected, the review has played directly to the interests of the fossil fuel industry and the climate skeptic tendencies of the Prime Minister.

It recommends immediately abolishing the RET or killing the sector slowly through constant uncertainty. Renewable energy remains one of our best ways to start driving down greenhouse gas emissions. It is also job rich and shares benefits across regions.

Cutting the RET will be disastrous on a number of fronts: loss of jobs and investment and opportunity across regional Australia, and loss of action on climate change. It will deliver increased profits to companies who burn fossil fuels to produce electricity

Do you love renewable energy and want to see it grow? Then sign our petition below to call on the federal government to protect the renewable energy target by refusing to adopt the findings of the review.

Australia needs more energy production from solar and wind, not less.