It's time to #RestoreTheRET! Take action to ramp up renewable energy ambition



This January, 2018 Australia has exceeded expectations and met the national Renewable Energy Target (RET) two years ahead of schedule. This is incredible news.

In 2014, the Abbott government made a savage 20% cut to the RET causing 2,500 people to lose their jobs and investment in the sector to collapse by a massive 90%.

News that investment has finally rebounded shows the huge potential in wind and solar, and is a sign that now is the time for Australia to ramp up ambition on renewable energy.

The threat isn't over – there is currently no national plan to grow renewables beyond 2020, and the Turnbull government's latest energy thought bubble would send renewable energy investment off a cliff.  

That's why it's time to #RestoreTheRET. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull must immediately restore the national RET to the original goal of 41,000 Gwh, and make clear plans to attract renewable energy investment beyond 2020 to fix the energy system and create jobs into the future. 

Sign the petition now to #RestoreTheRET so Australia keeps building the renewable energy revolution.  

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