Dan Andrews, it's time to power Melbourne's trains with renewable energy

Melbourne's trains are the second largest electricity user in Victoria, and transport emissions are growing faster than any other sector.

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Melbourne's trains transport over 415,000 people across 965km of track every day. That takes a lot of power. The problem is the train network still gets most of its electricity from the coal-laden grid, still dominated by aging and unreliable coal fired power stations. Scientists have long warned that burning fossil fuels contributes to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, driving dangerous climate change.

But there is a solution.

Powering Melbourne's trains with renewable energy will create sustainable jobs while cutting pollution & greenhouse gas emissions. As the second-largest electricity user in the state, moving the train network beyond coal will help transform the energy system. 

Melbourne has already proved this is possible, with the city's iconic trams now sourcing electricity from two solar farms in Northern Victoria. 

In 2020, the Andrews government will set emissions reduction targets across the state for 2025 and 2030. It has the opportunity to show leadership on real climate solutions at a time when the federal Coalition is failing the country on the climate crisis.

Join us and call on Victoria's Andrews government to commit to powering Melbourne's trains with renewable energy! It's the next logical step.