Thank you everyone for your help and support of our action on Tuesday 19 March, where we sent a message to Premier Dan Andrews- "If you send our recycling to landfill, we'll bring it here to parliament."  We picked up practically every media channel out there: Check our media page to read more.  My favourite quotation:

"Ms Cummins seemed exasperated Victoria didn't have a container deposit scheme, which gives cash back for bottle recycling, like South Australia, NSW and Queensland. "Victoria, the 'Sweden of Australia', doesn't have a container deposit scheme," she joked. "It's time to get on with this."

Email to the Victorian Premier

Take action on the recycling crisis!  We have all been trying to reduce, reuse and recycle our rubbish for years and each week sort recycling and place it in the yellow bin.

Yet now much of Victorian’s RECYCLING IS BEING SENT TO LANDFILL- each week over 1000 tonnes of paper, plastic and cardboard. Our recycling system is in crisis. Short-term band-aid fixes will not result in the recycling system we need.

It is time for us to deal with our own mess. We must turn this crisis into an opportunity and commit to transforming our waste and recycling management. We need the Victorian State government to take action now.  Sign our petition, then check out our website (you'll be automatically directed there).