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Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt has just approved a massive dredging project at Abbot Point in Queensland – and putting the Great Barrier Reef in danger.

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Minister Hunt – please protect the Reef

Dear Minister,

You have just approved massive dredging project at Abbot Point which will help create one of the world’s largest coalports – and put the Great Barrier Reef in danger. Spoil from the dredging will be dumped within the Great Barrier Reef marine park area. You have also approved the Arrow LNG facility on nearby Curtis Island, as well as its associated transmission pipeline.

 When in opposition, you campaigned against dredging in Port Phillip Bay and referred to dredge spoil as dangerous "toxic sludge" that harms the marine environment and would devastate the local tourism industry.

Now that you are Federal Minister I am bitterly disappointed that you have failed to stand up for the Great Barrier Reef as you did for Port Phillip Bay.

The community will long remember this betrayal. Your decision does not represent what I want – and expect – from the federal government.