In September 2016 Friends of the Earth produced the report: Pesticides in Australian Waterways Overview.

In this report Friends of the Earth uncovered the fact that almost 200 of the pesticides detected are not listed within the ecological regulations of the ANZECC Guidelines. These chemicals are putting creatures like the Long Necked Turtle at risk.

We need your help to make sure that these pesticides are regulated and that platypuses and the fragile ecosystems in which they live are protected.

Australia’s ecological guidelines for waterways, the ANZECC Guidelines, have not been updated since the year 2000 - and we think that it is time for an update. Adding these dangerous pesticides to the guidelines means that acceptable limits will be set, and monitoring will occur to ensure that regulatory bodies and community groups can keep an eye on our irreplaceable ecosystems.

It also means that those who pollute our waterways will be easier to track down and made to pay for their mess.

Send an email to Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg asking him to urgently update the ANZECC guidelines to include all pesticides listed in the recent Friends of the Earth report.