Pledge to support the fight against onshore gas

SeasprayProtected.jpgWorried about the risks that onshore gas mining poses to Victoria's water, food, health and jobs in agriculture & tourism?

Declare your pledge - to Premier Daniel Andrews - letting him know you will support rural communities until a permanent ban is in place on the risky onshore gas mining industry.  Let's make it clear that we won't rest until we have a permanent ban.

Don't forget to include your address so Mr Andrews knows you are a Victorian.


Dear Premier Andrews,

I do not support any form of onshore gas mining in Victoria. This includes coal seam gas, tight gas, shale gas, underground coal gasification and onshore conventional gas mining.

I pledge to support gasfield free communities and support their actions to keep Victoria gasfield free.

I take this pledge to protect our water, our farmland, our health, our environment, our existing jobs in agriculture & tourism and our vital rural communities.



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Will you take the pledge?