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Organics Recycling

Our initial campaign will focus on organics recycling- a vital step in addressing our greenhouse gas emissions. The contents of an average Australian household bin is 37-50% organic food matter. When this goes to landfill, it rots in the absence of oxygen, producing methane- a greenhouse gas 24 times more potent than carbon.  This amounts to 24% of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions.

It's absolutely vital to get food out of our landfill bins- and we will to do so by lobbying our local councils to implement organics recycling programs. 


Getting involved in this campaign is easy:


  1. Visit our Organics Recycling page for the state you live in - ACT | NSW | NT | QLD | SA | TAS | VIC | WA
  2. Find your Local council's details on the spreadsheet (Don't know which council you belong to? There's a Find your Local Council on the page)
  3. Contact your local council (Don't know what to say? Find some talking points here
  4. Let us know how you went by sharing your experience on our Facebook group
    • What did you do? (wrote/emailed/phoned/social media)
    • How did it go? Did you get a response?
    • What do you think you might do next?

Want to take things a step further?  You can find talking points, typical council responses, FAQ and further steps in the Action guide here.



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Any questions, please contact [email protected]