Victorian offshore gas announcement expected soon


In 2018, the Andrews Government released five new oil and gas exploration blocks off the Otway and West coast.

The tender process closed in mid February 2019. The government says that it has had 'strong' interest from companies that want to start exploring for gas. 

We expect that an announcement on successful applicants will be made by autumn 2020.

It is essential that make it absolutely clear that the community does not support further fossil fuel development in the state.


Western Victoria is blessed with pristine oceans, is home to humpback whales, southern right whales, dolphins and even orcas who depend on a clean and healthy ecosystem for breeding and survival. It's agricultural and tourism industries contribute much to the local and regional economy, and rely on a healthy environment to thrive.

Further to these threats, offshore oil and gas drilling will be a major new source of greenhouse pollution.

Climate science makes it abundantly clear that time is running out if we want to avoid catastrophic climate change. We must keep remaining fossil fuels in the ground.

What should happen?

In 2017, the Andrews Government displayed true leadership, legislating a permanent ban on fracking in Victoria.

The New Zealand government has banned new exploration permits for offshore oil. Victoria should do the same.

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You can sign the petition to the premier here.