No Westgate Tollroad

Daniel Andrew and Tim Pallas: you must not build the Westgate Tunnel toll road.


The Westgate tollroad has just received approval despite strong local resident, academics, local council, and community opposition.

Building another massive toll road through the middle of Melbourne, causes more traffic, creates more air and noise pollution, destroys the local environment and leads to more transport emissions locking us into extreme climate change. More mega toll roads through the heart of our city, such as the Westgate Tunnel, threatens your leadership in building world-class public transport network for a sustainable city.


We call for long-term transport solutions to address the problems of traffic congestion and trucks on residential streets.

Residents in Melbourne’s west have the most limited public transport options in the city. Public transport infrastructure has not kept up with population growth, pushing ever more commuters onto already congested roads. Let’s start investing in sustainable transport solutions so people have real options for moving around our city.

Rather than moving the trucks onto new residential streets, let's transition to more rail freight.


JOIN US NOW: Sign the petition calling on Premier Daniel Andrews and Treasurer Tim Pallas to stop this toll road.


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