HAVE YOUR SAY: North East Link EES Submission

We need your help to build a massive submissions drive to push back on the controversial North East Link toll road!

This is our moment to have our say on concerns with the mega toll road. North East Link risks the future of Melbourne. We need to be Rethink the project before it is too late.

The North East Link proposal will waste $16.5 billion of public money which should be spent on public transport solutions. This toll road through our suburbs and parks is a poor use of money when we urgently need long-term mass transport options, improvements to air quality, protection of open space, and to reduce the greenhouse gas impacts of Victoria’s transport system.

Melbourne’s north eastern suburbs, like much of Melbourne, have few viable public transport options. The state government should be investing in public transport to tackle congestion NOT more mega toll roads. Check out our ideas here.

The North East Link will turn the Eastern Freeway into a 20+ lane traffic jam. The associated noise and pollution from cars and trucks is unacceptable. Local roads will see traffic increased that feed into this monster project. It kills plans for a high capacity reliable train link to Doncaster.

Let the Independent North East Link Inquiry and Advisory Committee know what YOU think about the project today.