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This year is an important one for climate action in Victoria. We now have a state renewable energy target (a VRET) and will soon have a legislated ban on all onshore unconventional gas drilling. A range of government policies will be announced soon which will shape the future of our state: these include the re-build of the Climate Change Act and a draft coal policy, both of which will be released by late 2016.

Putting a ban on all new mining of coal and setting a timeframe for a rapid phase-out of all coal-fired power stations would mean that Victoria plays its part in responding to the threat of climate change.

Please help us to set the expectation that the government will use the coal policy and Climate Change Act to start the transition from coal to a future based on energy efficiency and 100% renewable energy.

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Dear Premier Andrews

I have been heartened by your government’s leadership on the environment and climate change. In particular, the Victorian Renewable Energy Target and ban on fracking will help drive job creation and investment in our state while reducing our contribution to climate change.

There is still an urgent need for us to rapidly shift away from our current reliance on coal, oil and gas if we are to do our part in avoiding dangerous climate change.

Your government will soon release a draft coal policy and amendments to the Climate Change Act. This is our best chance to set our state on a pathway to a truly sustainable future. I urge you to ban all further coal mining, set in place for a rapid phase-out of coal, with a full transition plan for affected communities, and set deep emission reduction targets for our state.

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