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Mountain Grey Gum - Essential for Strzelecki Koala survival

Mountain Grey Gum has been confirmed by Phillips & Wallis (2016) as the most preferred feed tree for the Strzelecki koala. However, VicForests have not recognised this tree as a "Preferred forage species in Victoria", which offers almost no management protocols for koalas if Mountain Grey Gum is found in logging coupes. 

Ask VicForests to recognise the significance of Mountain Grey Gum. 

In the Strzelecki Ranges, Mountain Grey Gum has a history of being cleared by the plantation industry. Now VicForests is targeting Mountain Grey Gum forests in the region as well. We need to conserve their favourite tree species so we can ensure their long-term survival.

Without the Mountain Grey Gum, koala populations in many areas would collapse. 

Our recent koala-surveying work in Mullungdung State Forest is revealing that Mountain Grey Gum is easily the preferred koala feed tree (PKFT), particularly trees greater than 300mm DBH (diameter breast height) in size. Local members of Friends of Alberton West have also reported sightings of the endangered greater glider in Mountain Grey Gums at Mullungdung.

We have detected Mountain Grey Gum in several VicForests logging coupes that are planned to be logged in the near future. 

Help us to request that the Ministers for Vicforests and the Environment update their Koala Instruction Manual and stop logging in key koala areas.