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Thank you for renewing your membership with Friends of the Earth and becoming an Active Friend member! Your support provides vital campaign resources to our grassroots campaigns.

As an Active Friend please select a regular monthly donation of a self-nominated amount, and enter your details below.

You will receive a subscription to our national Chain Reaction magazine, a discount at the Friends of the Earth Food Co-op on Smith Street, and special prices to FoE ticketed events.

Friends of the Earth is a member-based organisation that has a huge impact on a shoestring budget. Together we are making a difference.

We do not take funding from big business. We are dedicated to the communities we work with, not corporate donors. Membership terms and conditions can be found here.

You can also renew your membership and update your donation details by calling Jemila on (03) 9419 8700 during business hours.


Contributions are tax deductible, except for a small annual membership fee of $30, deducted from your total donations.
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