TAKE ACTION: Contact the City of Melbourne to build renewable energy momentum!


It's not just us who's excited about the Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) kicking off – this Tuesday 30th May the Melbourne City Council will debate a motion about whether to stand in support of this vital policy.

If successful, the City Council's motion will send a signal to Victorian members of parliament that all political parties can support jobs and investment in renewable energy. It would also put Melbourne on the map as the place to be for renewable energy.

Yes 2 Renewables research published in 2014 found that the Abbott government's attacks on the national Renewable Energy Target (RET) resulted in 1 in 10 jobs lost in Melbourne's renewable energy sector. Once legislated the VRET will turn that around, making Melbourne a key renewable energy hub.

Will you make a positive submission to Melbourne council in support of the VRET?

To make it easier for you we've prepared a short submission below you can copy+paste into the submission page here. You'll also be asked to note the meeting date your submission is for, which is 30 May 2017, and the title of the motion, which is the following: "Notice of Motion, Cr Oke: City of Melbourne Support for the Victorian Renewable Energy Targets"

Adding your own ideas about why you want to see more renewable energy will have the highest impact.

By making a submission you can help the Melbourne City Council's motion get up and build momentum for the VRET legislation that will soon enter the Victorian parliament.

But we must act quickly: We only have until 10:00am Tuesday morning to send a wave of submissions to the council. 

If you need any help making a submission feel free to get in touch. My contact details are below. 

Cheers, Pat and the Yes 2 Renewables team.

Pat Simons
0415 789 961  |  (03) 9419 8700
Yes 2 Renewables Community Coordinator


Submission to Council Meeting, 30th May 2017

Agenda Item Title: Notice of Motion, Cr Oke: City of Melbourne Support for the Victorian Renewable Energy Targets.

The energy sector is in transition, as investment moves away from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy.

In 2014, uncertainty in national renewable energy policy saw a loss of 1 in 10 jobs in Melbourne's renewable energy sector. Companies such as Windlab moved their offices to Canberra, attracted by the ACT's 100% Renewable Energy Target.

Now, the Victorian Renewable Energy Target of 25% by 2020 and 40% by 2025 is bringing certainty back to the sector. The policy will create 11,000 jobs across Victoria, attract up to $9 billion in new capital investment and see $2.5 billion in additional economic activity. Already firms such as Tilt Renewables have moved their headquarters to the city of Melbourne.

With a thriving renewable energy sector, Melbourne could take it's place as a key regional hub for cleantech investment in the Asia-Pacific.

The City of Melbourne has already shown leadership by setting it's own renewable energy target of 25% by 2018 and establishing a zero net energy strategy.

It can take the next step and send a strong signal that Melbourne is the place to be for renewable energy investment by supporting the Victorian Renewable Energy Targets. I look forward to seeing Councillor's support the motion on Tuesday night.