Let's work together for a just transition in the Latrobe Valley from coal

Loy_Yang_B_March_2016.jpgThanks for signing the petition to tell GDF Suez to invest in renewables not coal!

Together we can change the conversation about power generation and further the move away from dirty, brown coal fired electricity generation towards a sustainable, jobs rich future in the Latrobe Valley.

With your support we can:


Green_Tick.pngContinue to work with local frontline groups like Voices of the Valley;

Green_Tick.pngEmploy an organiser from within the local community to work on community issues; and

Green_Tick.pngPush for the government to come up with a concrete plan to transition the valley from coal to a sustainable, jobs rich future.

We run this campaign solely on people generously donating to us and we will only be able to continue with your help.

Contributions are tax deductible.