Leadership in 2015


New year. New government. Fresh start?

After four years of an anti environment state government, Victoria now has a chance to step back into the 21st century. The ALP government has made some welcome initial announcements on the environment – including stopping the expensive East West Road project and moving quickly to remove cattle grazing from the Alpine National Park.

As yet we don’t know the government’s full climate and environmental agenda. But there is clearly lots to do to turn Victoria, which has been a laggard under the Coalition, into an environmental leader.

Please let Premier Daniel Andrews know that you expect his government to take serious action to protect our environment and achieve greenhouse emission reductions.

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Dear Premier Andrews

Cc: Hon Lisa Neville, Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water

Hon Lily D’Ambrosio, Minister for Energy and Resources

Congratulations on your election to office. It is clear to me that environmental concern played a part in many people’s decision in the voting booth.

When faced with the known anti-environmental policies of the Coalition, many chose to support pro environmental parties like the ALP and The Greens. This was especially obvious in regional Victoria, where the prospect of new coal and unconventional gas is a real threat, and where the renewable energy industry had been shut down by the Coalition.

I urge you to show leadership on the environment. This will mean your government taking meaningful action to greatly reduce our state’s contribution to global warming and adequately protect our natural environment.

I urge you to start this process by adopting the following measures:

  • Establish a Victorian Renewable Energy Target (a VRET) to drive investment in wind and solar
  • Provide direct support to community owned renewable energy projects
  • Re-write the Coalition’s anti-wind laws (VC82) and re-start renewable energy projects in our state
  • Re-insert meaningful emission reduction targets into the Victorian Climate Change Act
  • Rule out any development of an onshore unconventional gas industry in our state
  • Formally rule out any plans to further develop brown coal resources for export or domestic use, including investing public funds in coal based technology
  • Starting the orderly phase-out of our oldest and dirtiest power stations starting with Hazelwood, Yallourn and Anglesea
  • Deliver a program to improve the energy efficiency of Victoria's existing and new building stock including mass retrofit programs and an expanded Victorian Energy Efficiency Target.
  • Commit to creating the Great Forest National Park. This will have environmental, economic and climate benefits

Victoria could once again become a power house of renewable energy. It could become a world leader on action on climate change. We have the resources to protect our unique environment. If a wealthy state like Victoria can’t sustainably manage our landscapes and resources, what hope does the rest of the world have?

Yours sincerely,