Keep Our Koalas Safe

The plight of koalas in Victoria’s South West forests is dire. Last week Friends of the Earth released disturbing footage of trees being logged with a koala still in them. It has highlighted the extreme danger that many koalas face and has brought both local and international attention to the issue. Click here for some of the coverage.

With this petition, we can send a strong message to our State Government that they must start giving greater resources and protection to our koalas.

Dear Hon Lisa Neville, Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water

I am writing to inform you that I am deeply concerned about the current danger our koala population faces in the State's south west. As you would know the koala tragedy unfolding in Victoria's hardwood plantations has recently gained international news. This is the second time since 2013 that the international spotlight has been shone on Victoria's Plantation Industry. The unnecessary deaths and injuries to our native wildlife is unacceptable. The issue is severely impacting on Victoria's (and Australia's) environmental reputation.

As a way out of this mess I call upon the Andrews Government to immediately implement an Operational Code of Practice for the Management of Koala Populations living in plantations that will be legally enforceable and which will cover all companies operating in koala habitat throughout Victoria.

Furthermore we would urge the Andrews Government to increase funding for staff to enforce the Wildlife Act in regions which have high densities of koalas and where koalas are being impacted by recent plantation activities.

We also urge the Andrews Government to act swiftly against companies that are killing and injuring koalas and bring the full force of the law to be used against companies that are doing the wrong thing.

Yours sincerely...

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