Call for ambitious Emissions Reduction Targets for Victoria!

Despite alarming melting of polar icecaps, bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, and autumn bushfires, the Turnbull government is refusing to act on climate. National emissions are increasing and Australia will fail to its pledges to the Paris Agreement.

The Turnbull government’s ‘do-nothing’ approach to climate change exposes Victorian communities to impacts such as intensifying bushfires, heatwaves, droughts, and extreme weather.

The Federal government’s failure means we need to see more leadership from Victoria.  

Thanks to the Daniel Andrews government who strengthened Victoria’s Climate Change Act last year, we now have an opportunity to influence the state’s first interim Emissions Reduction Targets for 2025 and 2030.

An Independent Expert Panel chaired by the Hon. Greg Combet will recommend targets to the state government and are seeking community input.  

Ambitious Emissions Reduction Targets will ensure Victoria contributes a fair share towards efforts to tackle climate change. Ambitious targets strengthens the case for key Friends of the Earth campaigns to:

  • Repower Melbourne’s train network with solar, wind, and storage.

  • Create the Great Forest National Park (GFNP) and East Gippsland Emerald Link Reserve. 

  • Shift funding from mega roads to critical public transport infrastructure such as Melbourne Metro 2.

  • Establish a publicly owned retailer backed by 100 percent renewable energy to ensure clean, fair, and affordable electricity for all.

  • Deliver Victoria's first climate-focused state budget to invest measures that rein in emissions. 

We encourage supporters and community members to make a submission to the Independent Expert Panel today. You can make a detailed submission here.

If you’re short of time, you can have your say on Victoria’s Emissions Reduction Targets by sending the following email to the Panel: