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When you update your details, a donation will be debited from the card, and then recur monthly ongoing on the same date - just as before, except with a new date. 

Your previous recurring donation will then be cancelled. 

Aside from that, there will be no changes to your donations and membership terms, and no additional charges to you - but these updates will greatly reduce administrative burden in the FoE Melbourne office - which can only mean good things for us in providing ongoing support to grassroots campaigns!

Thank you for updating your details!

Become an Active Friend member today by selecting monthly payments and join our powerful activist network. Your membership provides vital campaign resources to our grassroots campaigns and involves a monthly tax-deductible donation of a self-nominated amount*

Read more about membership here.

*Minimum monthly contribution is $10 per month. A small membership processing fee of $30 per annum is taken which is not tax deductible.

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Contributions are tax deductible. Please note monthly payments have a small processing fee that is not tax eductible.
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