Good Meetings and Facilitation

Good meetings - people in a circle working together

This session is for members of Friends of the Earth, or people who have recently attended a New Volunteer Session and are beginning their volunteer journey at Friends of the Earth.

We’ve all been to good meetings and bad meetings before. Good meetings invigorate us. We feel like we’ve made decisions together that are smart and fair. We’re clear on our tasks and responsibilities, and what we need to do as a group to achieve our aims. The secret ingredient? Good facilitation.

This workshop will look at:

  • key characteristics of a good meeting in both the real world and digital landscapes
  • the role of the facilitator and skills associated with the role
  • ways we can build a good group culture
September 22, 2020 at 5pm - 6:30pm
Online Workshop
Will Ross Rosalind (Razia) Ross Sam Galvin Sarah Powers Beata Szinyi Liz Wilson

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