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Joint Statement: Getting Victoria Off Gas

With the Morrison government failing to tackle the climate crisis and pushing a "gas-fired recovery," states such as Victoria must show greater leadership to drive the energy transition.

The Andrews Labor government is developing a Gas Substitution Roadmap for Victoria, that will be released in coming months. 

The government's roadmap is an opportunity for Victoria to rapidly move away from fossil gas.

A strong plan from the Victorian government will boost efforts to tackle climate change, protect Country, and ensure a truly just transition for workers and frontline communities.

A newly formed Gas Free Vic Network, convened by Friends of the Earth Melbourne, has penned a joint statement, Getting Victoria Off Fossil Gas, to set out the key pillars of a roadmap up to the task.

More than 30 environmental organisations and grassroots groups have already signed on.

Will you sign on to the joint statement to get Victoria off gas?

(Organisations can sign on by emailing [email protected] with the subject heading GETTING VICTORIA OFF GAS.)


Who's signing
Lucy Foley
Mik Aidt
Rod Watson
Natalie Satakovski
Tristarnya Sheridan
Elizabeth Pilven
Jesper Hansen
Richard Forrester
Diane Davies
Gary Moloney
Olivia Beauchamp
Maria Riedl
Ella Gilbert
Mary Beale
Elaine Hopper
Carolyn Handley
Annabelle Warren
Keri James
Cohen Walkerden
Bob Crosbie
Steven Harris
Miriam Robinson
Ian Temby
Aurora Gyorffy
Daamon Parker
Neha Bedi
Bob Weis
Lenore Scott
Patrick Bonne
Cheryl Jakobi

400 Signatures

318 Signatures

Will you sign?

Dear the Hon. Premier Dan Andrews and Hon. Minister Lily D’Ambrosio,

We are facing a climate crisis. Failure to deliver deep emissions cuts this decade leaves communities exposed to intensifying heatwaves, droughts, bushfires, extreme weather, and rising sea levels.

The COP26 summit has just concluded in Glasgow, and, unfortunately, failed to put the globe on track to limit warming to 1.5C. Given that methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, efforts to eliminate fossil gas are now a top priority.

The growing concern about the climate impact of fossil gas can be seen with over 100 countries signing onto an agreement to slash global methane emissions by 30 percent this decade. The Morrison government refused to sign onto the agreement that was spearheaded by the Biden Administration.

With the Morrison government’s refusal to deliver a credible plan to cut emissions this decade, the community is looking to the state government to step up again and show greater political leadership.

The Victorian government has affirmed its commitment to tackling the climate crisis by strengthening the Climate Change Act and committing to halve the state’s emissions this decade.

Since 2014, the Andrews government has legislated a permanent ban on unconventional gas, established a Victorian Renewable Energy Target, and supported the rollout of clean substitutes for inefficient gas heaters—measures that reduce our reliance on gas.

We believe the Victorian government’s Gas Substitution Roadmap is a key opportunity for our state to build on these positive steps. It can accelerate the move away from gas to cheaper and cleaner options while maintaining affordable and reliable supplies of energy to businesses and households.

We believe the Gas Substitution Roadmap should:

  • Establish the Victorian government’s commitment to the rights of Traditional Custodians to free, prior and informed consent regarding gas exploration and development on Country and Sea Country.
  • Accept the evidence that Victoria can rapidly move away from gas while maintaining reliable and affordable energy supply to households and businesses. 
  • Rule out opening new acreages for gas exploration and development, to remain consistent with the International Energy Agency’s Roadmap in order to meet net zero emissions by 2050.
  • Adopt policies that use remaining supply in active gas wells in the Bass Strait prudently, and end exports to Queensland, so that gas imports are not needed. The government should establish gas reserves, manage storage, and demand-response interventions to prevent shortfall as we move away from gas to clean technologies.
  • Reject proposals for new gas infrastructure such as import terminals and pipeline upgrades. Community safety and international LNG safety industry best practice regulations must take precedence when considering gas infrastructure developments at all times.
  • Rule out adding hydrogen in the pipelines for domestic and commercial use. If hydrogen is to be used for other purposes such as industry or heavy transport it must only be hydrogen generated entirely by renewable energy.
  • Commit to eliminating gas as soon as possible and adopt a minimum target to halve Victorian gas use by 2030.
  • Electrify everything that can be electrified to cut emissions, ensure safe and livable homes, save households money, and create jobs and competitive industries.
  • Remove outdated regulations that force new homes to connect to the gas network and cease gas connections to new housing developments immediately.
  • Work with local councils to mandate that new homes are all-electric.
  • Increase education for the community, tradespeople, and industry regarding electrifying homes and improving energy efficiency.
  • Facilitate a rapid reduction in domestic and commercial gas use, especially for the top 20 percent of household users, so that peak demand in winter is no higher than 1,000 terajoules per day.
  • Facilitate a rapid reduction in industrial gas use by requiring industry-wide participation in the Victorian Energy Upgrade program and supporting the adoption of new clean technologies and processes (such as heat pumps).
  • Set in motion immediate preparation for a well planned and amply resourced transition of industry away from gas while ensuring justice for workers.
  • Require the government to make eliminating gas a key priority of Victoria’s next Climate Change Strategy, Emissions Reduction Target setting processes, Planning Scheme amendments, planning decisions, and state budget.

Victoria’s positive climate and energy policies have cut the state’s emissions by 25 percent between 2005 and 2019, and will create 28,400 jobs and attract billions of investment to the state.

We urge the Labor government to adopt the aforementioned recommendations in the Gas Substitution Roadmap to build on the progress to date and cement a leadership role. There is a lot more work to do to address the climate crisis, and Victorians are up for the challenge and keen to reap the benefits of strong action on climate change.

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  • Lucy Foley
    signed 2021-12-08 13:52:30 +1100
  • Mik Aidt
    signed 2021-12-08 13:52:06 +1100
  • Rod Watson
    signed 2021-12-08 13:51:10 +1100
  • Natalie Satakovski
    signed 2021-12-08 13:48:43 +1100
  • Tristarnya Sheridan
    signed 2021-12-08 13:46:29 +1100
  • Elizabeth Pilven
    signed 2021-12-08 13:44:24 +1100
  • Jesper Hansen
    signed 2021-12-08 13:43:09 +1100
  • Richard Forrester
    signed 2021-12-08 13:42:13 +1100
  • Diane Davies
    signed 2021-12-08 13:37:46 +1100
  • Gary Moloney
    signed 2021-12-08 13:36:08 +1100
  • Olivia Beauchamp
    signed 2021-12-08 13:36:08 +1100
  • Maria Riedl
    signed 2021-12-08 13:33:54 +1100
  • Ella Gilbert
    signed 2021-12-08 13:31:47 +1100
  • Mary Beale
    signed 2021-12-08 13:29:27 +1100
  • Elaine Hopper
    signed 2021-12-08 13:29:27 +1100
  • Carolyn Handley
    signed 2021-12-08 13:28:26 +1100
  • Annabelle Warren
    signed 2021-12-08 13:25:22 +1100
  • Keri James
    signed 2021-12-08 13:24:48 +1100
  • Cohen Walkerden
    signed 2021-12-08 13:24:31 +1100
  • Bob Crosbie
    signed 2021-12-08 13:23:37 +1100
  • Steven Harris
    signed 2021-12-08 13:22:57 +1100
  • Miriam Robinson
    signed 2021-12-08 13:17:37 +1100
  • Ian Temby
    signed 2021-12-08 13:17:16 +1100
  • Aurora Gyorffy
    signed 2021-12-08 13:16:27 +1100
  • Daamon Parker
    signed 2021-12-08 13:16:15 +1100
  • Neha Bedi
    signed 2021-12-08 13:16:08 +1100
  • Bob Weis
    signed 2021-12-08 13:16:07 +1100
  • Lenore Scott
    signed 2021-12-08 13:13:51 +1100
  • Patrick Bonne
    signed 2021-12-08 13:10:07 +1100
  • Cheryl Jakobi
    signed 2021-12-05 05:21:19 +1100