Fundraiser: Public transport, not toll roads!

Every donation made this month will be matched - dollar for dollar - by a generous donor, for up to $15,000!

Transport is how we connect people and places - without it, many people are left isolated. And with the transport sector Victoria's second largest and fastest growing contributor to carbon emissions, it's absolutely a climate justice issue. Everyone should be able to travel where they need sustainably.

But together we can help ensure Melbourne's on track for better public transport for all.

Sustainable Cities is launching our new fundraiser to get the wheels turning on a new year of local grassroots campaigning, working with our community to fight for a more connected, sustainable and equitable Melbourne.

Here's the problem

We’re currently playing catch up in the transport game while communities struggle with overcrowded, sub-par transport options.

For too long, the road lobby have pressured our governments to fund mega toll roads. This is destroying our parklands and green spaces, our health and our planet with pollution and emissions.

Meanwhile vital rail projects are left on the sidelines. Without sustained community pressure, the road lobby will continue to derail our public transport options.

What we’re doing about it

Sustainable Cities is working with local groups on two major campaigns:

1. Stop the North East Link mega toll road:

Community members have voiced multiple concerns over another massive toll road through the middle of Melbourne. It will cause more traffic, create more air and noise pollution, destroy the local environment and lock us in to more transport emissions, contributing to the climate crisis. We'll be supporting locals affected by the North East Link with the resources they need to keep up the pressure on our pollies.

2. Promote the rail project Melbourne Metro 2 (MM2):

MM2 is a metro-style train that will connect the Werribee line to the Mernda line via Flagstaff. It is urgently needed to improve the capacity of public transport in our developing city. MM2 will take cars off roads and reduce Victoria's transport emissions. We're bringing together community members, transport academics, planners and small businesses. We'll be working with them to put pressure on the Victorian government to commit to MM2.

How you can help

A generous donor has committed to match all donations we raise up to $15,000 by Feb 29! Money raised will go towards vital campaign costs to help us stop the North East Link and push for MM2 in the lead up to the 2021 budget.

This will include employing a dedicated campaign coordinator, printing materials, rolling out actions, and organising round-table meetings with transport stakeholders.

Decisions made today about transport, will shape our city for decades to come. Donate here to help us reach our goal so we can continue to work towards a decarbonised, better-connected, more liveable city for all Melburnians.