It is expected that the majority owners of the Hazelwood power station will make an announcement about the future of the plant later this week. Reports in the media have suggested it could be closed as soon as April next year.

Victoria’s Hazelwood power station is the biggest carbon emitter in the national electricity market (NEM) and produces a quarter of Victoria’s electricity. It has long been scheduled for closure.

It has 550 direct employees and 300 contractors.

There is plenty of electricity supply in the NEM and Hazelwood’s closure will help create space for new renewable energy.

The key issue will be what happens to the workers at Hazelwood, and the businesses that rely on them. Regardless of whether closure happens now or later, it is inevitable. It is essential that the state and federal governments and the company that owns the power station provide funding to support meaningful job creation and economic diversification.

Sign our letter to the Victorian Premier, the federal Environment Minister and the Engie group (majority owners of Hazelwood)