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With the closure of the Hazelwood power station, we need new, sustainable jobs in the Latrobe Valley like never before.

Eureka’s Future is a project of Earthworker. The aim is to establish a worker-owned factory which will manufacture and sell high quality solar hot water technology in Morwell. The cooperative will provide dignified and democratic employment in the region, whilst producing important energy-saving renewable energy technology.

After years of preparation and an impressive capital raising effort by community members of the Earthworker Cooperative – which saw the acquisition of manufacturing equipment and intellectual property from a long-standing reputable manufacturer – Earthworker are looking to finally set this first factory in the Latrobe Valley.

With the Victorian Government announcing dedicated funding to support the Latrobe Valley community through industrial transition, and with the region’s old power stations drawing towards the end of their lives, there has never been a better time to get Eureka’s Future established.

The Victorian government is putting significant financial resources into the Latrobe Valley to help drive diversification of the Valley’s economy. It has established the Latrobe Valley Authority and allocated funds to a range of new projects.

As yet Eureka’s Future has not received state funding to get established.

Additionally, there are previously allocated but not yet used funds associated with carbon capture and storage (CCS) proposals that are run by the state government. CCS is a dead end technology (details here) that has absorbed more than $500 million of public funds so far.

Rather than continuing to prop up feasibility planning for CCS, the state government could allocate a portion of remaining CCS funds for Earthworker – which would deliver a new project and real jobs in the Latrobe Valley now.

This project has been 20 years in the making. As a worker owned co-operative based on the social enterprise model, which intends to make useful and sustainable products, it is remarkable that it has not been funded by the state government.

Let’s get Eureka’s Future funded

Please remind the Premier and Resources minister that Eureka’s Future is a great project, worthy of funding and other support.

A simple message via social media will help show the level of community support.


Surely it’s time to fund @Earthworkercoop? A great project & its ready to go. @LatrobeValleyAu @DanielAndrewsMP @wadenoonan

Surely it’s time to fund @Earthworkercoop? Better than wasting more public $ on carbon capture research. @DanielAndrewsMP @wadenoonan



Tag Daniel Andrews and Wade Noonan into a simple message saying how you want to see Earthworker get support from the government.

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