Fossil Frontlines Community Tour

Energy Justice Victoria and Friends of the Earth Melbourne have launched a campaign for No New Fossil Fuels in Victoria. We know that we are in a climate crisis and that we cannot afford any new fossil fuel developments, and across Victoria communities are standing up to fossil fuels to protect their health, their farmland, and their environment.

To kick off this campaign Energy Justice will be going to the regional communities on the frontlines of fossil fuels in Victoria.

We would like to invite people to the tour to listen to the stories from the frontline, hear their alternate, positive visions beyond fossil fuels, and how Victorians from outside the frontlines can support these communities. 


The Fossil Frontlines Community Tour schedule:

Week 1: East Gippsland - new gas

(13th of October)

Host group: Gasfield Free Seaspray - check them out here 


Week 2: Ninety Mile Beach - gas, gas storage, and Carbonnet 

(Between the 14th - 20th of October, date TBA)

Host group: Ninety Mile Against Carbon Storage - check them out here


Week 3: Westernport - AGL gas import station

(27th of October)

Host group: Save Westernport and WPPC - check them out on Facebook here and here, or their websites and


Week 4: Latrobe Valley - coal to hydrogen

(Between the 28th of October to 3rd of November, date TBA)

Host group: A New Power - check them our here


Note: There may be some changes to the schedule 


Energy Justice aims to share and amplify these stories, and provide ways for people outside of these communities to learn about these new fossil fuel projects and work to support the people on the frontline. 

Please RSVP below if you would like to attend the Fossil Frontline Community Tour

October 13, 2019 at 6:00pm - November 10, 2019
Kate Wattchow ·
Julia Stockigt Kaye Jenkins

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