Food For Wildlife East Gippsland

Following catastrophic fires in East Gippsland, an incredible network of mutual aid and support is developing to provide relief to impacted communities. A network of local landholders is also emerging to provide food, water and shelter to hungry and homeless wildlife.

While feeding wildlife is not recommended under normal circumstances, there is currently an urgent need to make food available for wildlife in fire impacted areas until natural food sources have regrown.

Due to the overwhelming support flowing into this network from people who want to feed and help wildlife, Friends of the Earth is teaming up with local networks to strengthen the Food for Wildlife network.

Get involved here:



wildlife feed spots across East Gippsland


You can also donate to local wildlife group Wallabia who is part of the food for wildlife network.

Thank you very much to Wildlife Victoria who are sponsoring us to buy food for wildlife. You can donate to Wildlife Victoria here. If you find injured or orphaned wildlife, call the Wildlife Victoria emergency line on 03 8400 7300 or report online.