Heavy rains have fallen in the Gwydir Valley in Northern NSW. And you know what than means?

Floodplain Harvesting!

Until floodplain harvesting is licenced in NSW, it's illegal to capture overland flowsThe NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has told floodplain harvesters to seek legal advice before capturing flows.

That's not enough, we need need Water Minister Melinda Pavey to declare an embargo!

Despite the rain we've had this year, The Darling River stopped flowing at Bourke on the 8th of November. Flows from the north are desperately needed down the Darling-Baaka to avoid summer fish kills, blue green algae outbreaks and support communities through the hot months.

Until the Barwon-Darling Baaka is restored to good health, we need every drop flowing through our rivers.

It's time to flood the Minister - we need an embargo now!